Friday December 22nd – 12 Days of Fit-Mas

Friday: 12/22

12 Days of Christmas:

  1. Burpee
  2. Push Ups
  3. KB High Pull
  4. KB Goblet Squats
  5. KB Goblet Push Press
  6. KB Goblet Step Back Lunge (Total: 3/Side)
  7. Frog Bridge Ups
  8. KB Staggered Stance Dead-Lift  (Total: 4/Side)
  9. KB Swings
  10. KB Bent Rows (Total: 5/Side)
  11. MTN. Climbers (Each Leg)
  12. Squat Jumps


Looks Like:

“Day 1”: 1x Burpee

“Day 2”: 2x Push Ups and 1x Burpee

“Day 3”: 3x KB High Pull, 2x Push Ups, 1x Burpee

“Day 4”: 4x KB Goblet Squats, 3x KB High Pull, 2x Push Ups, 1x Burpee…

Campers will continue in this fashion all the way up the ladder.


Early Finisher: Core AMRAP

10x Bird Dogs (5/Side)

10x Dead Bugs (5/Side)

10x Curl Ups (With :5 Second Pause)