Friday February 10th “The Wipe Away” + “No Dice”

Friday: 2/10 

ROWING  2K  RE-Test! The goal is that if you are doing the 2K this day you aren’t doing anything beforehand. On the day you do your 2K test you will jump back into the workout afters.


The Wipe Away:  3 x 6 min rounds –  90 sec Rest BTWN RNDS 

Teams  5 dots on every board

Each team will have a designated board that they will either be adding dots (dots=points) or wiping away(from the other teams board) Team with the most dots on their board after all 3 rounds wins.

In order to be able to add a dot or wipe away a dot campers must complete a series of exercises. Each round will have different exercises.

1) 10x KB Swings  / 10x KB Headcutters / 10x KB Halos (Total 5/Side) 

2) 10x Dips  / Red: 5x Pull Ups, White: TRX Pull Ups, Blue: TRX Rows / Red: 20 Doubles or 100 singles, White: 80 Singles, Blue: 50 Singles 

3) 10x Med Ball Goblet Side Lunge (Total 5/Side)  / 10x Med Ball Push Ups  (Total 5/Side) / 30x Med Ball Toe Taps  (Each Side) 

NO DICE: Stay within your Groups.

Teams get in lines. These lines will face off in a circle, with the front of the lines making up the circle. 

– First member of the group rolls the dice. If they land a double I.E: two 3’s everyone in the group start doing the first exercise. I.E: Squats 

– This will be done in a synchronized fashion with a designated team counter. 

– While that team is completing reps the other teams are rolling the dice. 

– Once another team gets a double the first team has to stop and the new team gets to start their reps. 

– The Goal is for the Dice rolling to move fast as to stop the team from exercising and to get your team exercising.  

– If you do not roll a double it simply goes to the next team. The member that was at the front of the line moves to the back of the line. 

– Next member up rolls next time the dice reaches them in the circle.