Friday February 24th – Tower of Power – Assessment 2: Re-Test + Team Card Game

Friday: 2/24

Tower of Power – Assessment 2: Re-Test 1/27 10 Min Quick Assessment focusing on Power 


Burpees B: Newbie Burpees, P: 3x Inchworm

Thrusters R(80+/60+)W(70/50) B(60/40)

Swings R(60+/40+)W(45+/ 35+)B(40+/30+)

Scored by Reps completed – Finished = 45 Reps

Recover & Making Teams: This will depend on #’s 

  1. Team Card Game 15 Minutes 

Divide into Teams smallest amount of teams possible. Draw a card from the deck and do the reps indicated for the exercise associated with that suit. After each exercise, run a parking lot loop and return. Team with the most cards completed, wins!

Clubs – 250m Row  (Disregard the idea of reps) 

Heart – Mountain Climbers The Hard Way (each leg)

Diamond – Sumo Inchworms 

Spade – TRX Laying Low Rows 

Joker – Dish Dive Run