Friday January 11th – 4 x 6 min Partner Stations

Friday: 1/11

4 x 6 min Partner Stations – 2 moves switching with the partner every :30 Seconds. Shake Up Run to 1st White Mailbox BTWN Stations.

1 Minute Rest BTWN Stations.

Station 1: Slam Ball/Jumping Lunges B: Stepback Lunges

Station 2: Kneeling Banded Rotations/Anti Rotation

  • Tall Knee is on the outside. Rotate towards that knee.
  • Blue or Black Resistance Band
  • Turn Sides Every Minute

Station 3: KB Bent Row R:(53+/40+)W:(40+/ 30+)B:(25+/20+) (Switch Arms Every RND) / Band Pull Aparts – Green/Red Bands

Station 4: Yoga Strap Deadbug/Rest (On Tabata Clock for Trantions – :20/:10×2 = 1 Minute Each)

  • Yoga strap goes under low back.
  • Partner stands and puts light tension on strap (pulling away from partner)  
  • Partner holds strap down with core tension while performing dead bug.