Friday January 26 – Giggles by Burpees + Partner Ladder

Friday: 1/26

Burpee Friday: Giggles By Burpees

Min 1: 5 Burpees

Min 2: 6 Burpees

Min 3: 7 Burpees


Adding 1 every min for 13 min


If you can’t make the burpees in the given amount of time, you take 1 min off and the repeat most recent completed round for the remaining of the time.


Finish with Partner Ladder for the remaining time

Complete all exercises @ 10 reps, then complete all exercises @ 8 reps and so on all the way to 2 reps and In an I go you go fashion

Goblet Squats

Yellow Bar Dips


Goblet Lunges (total)

Yellow Bar Push Ups

Spiderman Planks (each side)

Box Jumps