Friday January 26th – Ready Player 1 + Core

Friday: 1/26

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

Upper Body 2 Moves – Prone Swimmers and Prone PVC Angels (Partner up – 1 does prone swimmer (5 sec rep each way) and 1 does 3×5 swimmers. Switch 3 x. Finish with everyone on feet for shoulder cars x 2/side.

Ready Player 1: 25 Min Teams of 4 most meters wins

Player 1: ERG

Player 2: 2KB Push Press R:(35+, 25+),W:(25+,20+),B:(20+,15+)  

Player 3: Runner 300M (White Mailbox)

Player 4: FLR (Push Up Plank)

  • Switch when runner returns from 300m run (White Mail Box)
  • Jump Rope here in case of rain or cold.  The erg set the pace switching every 250m.


5 Min Core: 3-4 RNDS of :20 work/:20 rest of –

Superman Hold

Hollow Body Hold

Pushup Hold (elbows @ 90 degrees or what ever angle they can maintain for 20 sec)