Friday July 14th – “Walk it Out” + Team Relay: Banana Race

Friday: 7/14

“Walk It Out” –  14 Min AMRAP

  • Count number of Rounds

– 2 KB Racked Lunge Top of Back Parking lot R(40+/30+), W(30+/20+), B(20+/15+)

– 2 KB Farmer Carry Back Down Parking Lot

– 5 Non-Pushup Burpees

Purple Body Weight Lunge, jog back down to 5 burpees, 2 KB farmer carry from bottom to top and back down.

2 Mins off to get in groups and set up relay!

Team Relay: Banana Race

4 Man Team Relay Race: Team game each member starts at a cone 1-4. First cone bunny hops to second with Banana and completes 15x Jumping Jacks with Banana. Cone 2 takes Banana and OH lunges to cone 3 completes 15x Banana figure 8’s. Cone 3 skips with Banana to cone 4 completes 10x Banana Jump Squats.  Cone 4 takes Banana and runs to first cone start over until the first member is back at cone 1.