Friday June 15th – 1 Mile Assessed + “Take the Money & Run”

Friday: 6/15

1 Mile Assessed Run Big Loop:

  • Start at The Light Post near FitWit Parking Lot entrance near Clifford in Front of GYM
  • Down College
  • Right on Park
  • Right on Leland
  • Right on Wisteria
  • Right on Rockyford
  • Right on College
  • Finish at The Light Post near Sisson on the entrance in FitWit Parking Lot


Non Runners: Bike Workout 


“Take the Money & Run”:  15 Minute Partner Workout

  • Partner up coming off the Mile MB Sprints & Ball Slams
  • 10-1 10M Run and Ball Slam Ladder
  • Sprint to otherside of the gym: 10 Ball Slams
  • Sprint back: 9 Ball Slams
  • All while your partner is in a  2KB Rack Hold (40+/30+)
  • Switch and Start back at 8 slams the next round till finished.


Cool Down: Partner Hamstring PNF