Friday June 22nd – Sprint Conditioning Assessments + AMRAP

Friday: 6/22

Sprint Conditioning Assessments: – Campers Choice – Pick one, you test the other the following week.

  • Spend 1-2 Minutes letting members Bike or Row at easy pace to get warm on Machine. This could be a pick drill on ERG or lite pedal on bike.

  • 10 Minute Max for Entire Class: Rest when done until on done or until your turn.

  • 1 Minute Airbike Max Cals (Set Timer. Record Cal Scores. This will Floor Folks)

  • 2 Minute ERG Max Meters (Set Timer. Record Meter Scores)


Finish With: 15-20 Min AMRAP

  • 8x Push Ups

  • 6x Dips

  • 4x Pull Ups W: Band Assisted Pull Ups B: TRX Pull Ups/Rows

  • Down & Back Mixed Carry: SC(50+/70+) OH(30+/40+)