Friday June 2nd – AMRAP + Plank Race

Friday: 6/2

25 Minute AMRAP: 

– 6x Pull Ups (Band or TRX) 

– 8x KB Squat Press Outs: With 2 Press outs at Bottom  

– 10x Box Jumps B: Step Ups each leg

– Sandbag Carry: Front Door Down to Pod and Back  

– Row 250m  

Fun Friday: 5 Min Plank Races 

– Two Teams: Take the number of the largest  Team. 

– Teams line up in an elbow plank first person pops up and jumps over everyone’s feet at the end of line they drop down and complete 1 push up. Next person up does 2 push ups so on and so forth until the last person. 

– Might go best two out of three if it goes fast.