Friday June 30 – Double Down the Ladder + Team Pictionary

Double Down the Ladder

50 Double Unders (Count attempts)/200 singles

10 T-Pushups

10 Headcutters

10 Burpees


40 Double Unders/160 Singles

8 T-Pushups

8 Headcutters

8 Burpees


30 Double Unders/120 Singles

6 T-Pushups

6 Headcutters

6 Burpees


20 Double Unders/80 Singles

4 T-Pushups

4 Headcutters

4 Burpees


10 Double Unders/40 Singles

2 T-Pushups

2 Headcutters

2 Burpees

Then, work your way back up starting with 20 d.u. and 4 reps of the exercises. . .

Team Pictionary (10 min) Teams of 4 race around to each station (in any order as equipment allows) to complete the required reps. All 4 teammates may work at the same time. After completing the final station, race back to a white board to play pictionary. The faster they complete the stations, the more time they’ll have with pictionary game. [Once the last team arrives to their whiteboard, the game clock starts and everyone has 2-3 minutes to finish pictionary, depending on time]. Team with most correct answers wins.

Station 1: Team Lunge + Bear Crawl Relay

Station 2: Run a parking lot lap with a heavy rope overhead the entire time (5 burpee penalty if rope goes below shoulders)

Station 3: 250 Jumping Jacks

Station 4: 5 Cartwheels