Friday March 30 – Partner Run Down

Partner Run Down – 32 min

One partner will be running a 600m Beltline run (out the door to the left, through the parking lot, down to the big art post on the Beltline. Blue: To the post office mail box), while the other Partner gets through 10 reps of 4 exercises as quickly as possible then goes into a hold until partner comes back. Then they switch. once both have completed a 600m run, they move on in the same fashion to station number 2.

Station 1: 10 reps of Jungle Gym Power Rows (per side) / JG Bicep Curls / JG Chest press (Advanced: JG Push ups [Feet in bottom loop]

     Handstand hold (Down Dog hold)

Station 2: 10 reps of Sumo Squats / Broad Jumps (total) / Side lunges (per side)

       Wall Sit Hold

Station 3: 10 reps of Spiderman planks (per side) / Ninjas / Lemon squeezes

     Hollow Hold

Start back on station 1 when they get through all stations.