Friday March 3rd – 13 Min Core + Team Picture Game

Friday: 3/3 

13 Min Core: 

:30 L-Hang / Knees Bent Hang  (Hang for as long as possible/scale as needed) 

:30 Superman Hold 

:30 B: Side Plank Right  R: Side Plank Star Hold W: Side Plank Hip Taps 

:30 B: Side Plank Left R: Side Plank Star Hold W: Side Plank Hip Taps 

3x:10 Sec (Each Side) Straight Leg Hold 

:30 Rest 

* Repeat 

Team Picture Game: Teams of 4 race around to each station to complete the required reps. Only 3 of the 4 teammates may be working at once. After completing the final station, race back to draw a sheet of paper to play pictionary. The faster you get done with stations, the more time you’ll have with pictionary game. [Once the last team arrives to the game clock starts and everyone has 3 minutes to finish pictionary]. Team with most correct answers wins.

Station 1: 1000 Jump Rope (250 Single or 80 Dubs)

Station 2: 200 KB Swings (50 Each)

Station 3: 4,000m Row – (1,000m Each) [Switch every 500m, Only two rowers per group] {Everyone Rows Twice}

Station 4: 100 line touches (Sprint drill with cones, each touch is 1 rep)