Friday May 11 – E “Don’t forget yo” MOMma (on Sunday)

Friday: 5/11

E“Don’t forget yo”MOMma (on Sunday)

3 x 10 min EMOM

Complete the 1st exercise at the top of every min and the 2nd exercise for the remainder of the min.

1) 1st min: 5 x 1-Arm Thrusters per arm / Walking or Step Back Lunges

    2nd min: 15 x KB High Pulls / Inchworms

 2) 1st min: 10 x Push ups / Cat Crawl

      2nd min: 20 x Air Squats / Handstand Hold (sub Down dog hold)

 3) 1st min: 10 MB Situp and Press / Plank Hold

         2nd min: 12 (B:10) Burpees / Rest