Friday May 5th – 2×12 Min Stations:

Friday: 5/5

2×12 Min Stations:

Partner Rowing Station:

10 Total Intervals (4 each) at 1:30 (partners keeps switching at 1:00 with the 30 sec for exchange). While not rowing, the partner ‘rests’ by doing Push Up Plank for 1 minute.

Goal is 250+M during your 1 Min on the ERG(That is a 2:00 or less 500M Pace) Looking for a constant S/R around 28

12 Min AMRAP: 

10x Ball Slams

10x Dips

10x (Total 5/Side) KB Goblet Step Ups  R:(35+/45+) W:(30+/40+) B: (25+/35+)

15x TRX Hamstring Curls