Friday November 17 – Burpees on the Minute

Friday: 11/17

FIVE Team Week Points: Attendance, Spirit (chosen by the trainers based on teams dress-up theme), Cornhole, Bullseye, and Wall Sit (if time allows)

Burpees on the Minute – 3 RNDS

4 burpees at the top of every minute, then immediately perform the secondary exercise for approx 30 sec until trainer calls REST at 45 sec mark. Rest :15, back to the top with burpees.

-Overhead Squats (with bar or PVC)

-Elbow Plank leg lifts

-Side Lunges


-Jump Rope

After every RND run a parking lot as follows: jog the curve to the straightaway on other side of parking lot, SPRINT the straightaway, jog the rest of the way back in the gym.

Finish with RED v. BLUE Competitions:

-Cornhole Relay (3-min)- Team Red and Team Blue each get a cornhole board and 4 bags. Team with most points gets the point – 1 on the board and 3 in the hole.

– Bullseye (6-min)

-Wall Sit Competition (2-min)