Friday October 13 – Teamwork Friday

3-Person Circuit

Runner →  Holder → Exerciser

Runner completes 1 parking lot lap (or 150 m row)

Holder performs a hold of their choice:


-Plank (palms or forearms)

-Hollow Body

-Squat/Wall Sit

Exerciser works through the exercises on the board. Totals on the board are a team total. Runner is the timekeeper so players change positions when the runner returns.

  • 100 MB Situp and Press

  • 100 Overhead Squats (with bar or PVC)

  • 100 Leg Raises

  • 100 Band Front Raises

  • 150 1-Arm JG Rows (total)

  • 150 Double Unders OR 450 Jump Rope Singles

  • 150 Overhead Lunges w/Plate (total)


With any remaining time, core circuit :20/:10 clock for 4 or 8-min.  Switch exercises every 2 round/1-min

  • High plank shoulder taps

  • Plank leg raises

  • Side Plank

  • Superman hold