Friday October 20 – Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes

Stations: Heavy Ropes & Jump Rope 3 × 8 min RNDS

– Half the group on Ropes and MB Exercise for 4 min

– Half the group running/jumping/resting until 4 min is up

ROPE STATION: Partner up 4 mins continuously running clock. 2-min on the rope, 2-min on the MB exercise. Both working on a :20/:10×4 clock. Where there are two rope exercises listed, they will alternate rope movement every :20.

RND 1:

Heavy Rope – Small Alt Waves/Up and Over

MB Squat w/press out


RND 2:

Heavy Rope – Big Double Waves

Med Ball Russian Twists


RND 3:

Heavy Rope – Outside Circles/Inside Circles

Kneeling Med Ball Halos



Run 1 parking lot lap, then Jump Rope:

R – 100 Double Unders

W – 50 Double Unders, counting attempts OR 200 singles

B – 100 Singles