Friday October 6 – Partner Thruster/Burpee Challenge & FitWit Poker

Partner Thruster/Burpee Challenge  

Working with a partner, every minute on the minute, do 5 reps of 2KB Thrusters, then burpees for the remaining time. Partners switch every MINUTE until they complete the prescribed # of burpees. Burpee # is team total, not individual.

RED – 80+/60, 100 Burpees

WHITE – 70/50, 100 Burpees

BLUE – 50+/30+, 75 Burpees

Finish with FitWit Poker – 2 x 8 min RNDS with 2-min between RNDS to put together their best poker hand

As a team, all members must complete the prescribed reps of an exercise. Rep counts are listed as per person but faster team members can pick up reps for others on their team. Once the team completes the exercise, one team member must complete a 150 m row or Parking lot lap to earn a card. The more cards each team accumulates in 8 min the more options to create their best poker hand.


Team exercises:

50 Jumping Jacks

20 Mtn Jacks

20 Squat Jumps

20 Sitouts (total)

20 Lemon Squeezes

20 Sprinter Situps

20 Jumping or Step Back Lunges (total)