Friday September 21 – FitWit Wheel of Destiny

Friday 9/21

FitWit Wheel of Destiny 4 x 8 min

Buy In Reps count will be determined by what the team (4-6 people) spins. Start the 8-min clock as soon as all teams spin the wheel. As soon as they are done with their buy in, they go right into the AMRAP for the remainder of the 8-min clock.

Row Station

No buy in

8-min continuous Row

At the top of every min, increase stroke rate by 2 (starting @ 20 SPM)

KB Station

Spin: 2 KB Squat

10 reps of:

Box Jumps

Goblet Side Lunge (total)

Goblet Cleans

Jungle Gym Station

Spin: Burpees

10 reps of:

JG Hamstring Curls

JG Hip Bridge

JG Single Arm Rows (total)

Bodyweight Station

Spin: Run parking lot lap(s)

10 reps of:

Sumo Squats (Adv. Side Lunges [total])

T-Push ups (total)

Sit-Outs (total) Sit-out mod