Friday September 22 – Burpees on the Minute + Row Relay

Burpees on the Minute – 3 RNDS

4 burpees at the top of every minute, then immediately perform the secondary exercise for approx 30 sec until trainer calls REST at 45 sec mark. Rest :15, back to the top with burpees.

-Overhead Squats (with bar or PVC)

-Lemon Squeezes


-Side Lunges

-Inchworm Pushups  

After every RND run a parking lot as follows: jog the curve to the straightaway on other side of parking lot, SPRINT the straightaway, jog the rest of the way back in the gym.

Rest approx 60s and REPEAT for a total of 3 RNDS   


Finish with Rowing Relay:

3 Person Rowing Relay: 2250 Meter Relay Race

Switch Every 250 Meters