Funny Girl Gets Fit

Sarah Zureick-Brown

Age: 35

Joined FitWit: 2015

Social Media Handles:

@sarahzureickbrown (Instagram)








There was a reunion, and for Sarah Zureick-Brown, it was all the motivation she needed to get into the gym. But it wasn’t svelte former high school demigods sipping punch that had Sarah prepared to sweat; it was the formerly vibrant 60-something relatives at her family reunion who were s-l-o-w-i-n-g down.

The 32-year old is an improv comedy teacher and performer at Highwire Comedy Co. Funny is her livelihood. But with a Ph.D. in Demography from UC Berkeley, where she researched mortality estimation and variation in lifespan, Sarah understood the statistical variables of what was going on with her aging relatives.

“I’m fascinated not so much by mortality as morbidity. I can live longer, but can I live better?” Sarah says of the reunion revelation. It was time for this funny girl to get serious about getting fit.

Sarah had dabbled in running, yoga, and pilates, but she had her sights set on something meatier and more consistent. She’d watched the physical transformations of fellow improvisers, Madison, Cris, and Whitney, and–as a Math geek–knew a common denominator when she saw one: FitWit!

Joining FitWit has not only increased Sarah’s chances of living a longer life (hurray delayed mortality!) but of living a life that is better, fuller, and more active (take that, morbidity!). Sarah has both embraced community and personal challenges, earning her the Most Improved Award this past year. Sarah also competed in the Atlanta Erg Sprints at Georgia Tech, which gave her the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd in a completely different capacity, and completed the Publix Half Marathon.

What’s made all the difference to Sarah? The trainers. They push her hard, but not so hard you want to give them a good shove back. And they listen!

“In the beginning, I was constantly getting corrected, and I thought, ‘I’m never gonna be good at this!’” Balance has been the key to not only getting good but getting great. Sarah has learned that in her all-encompassing creative life, the right amount of fitness on a regular basis is the recipe for success and satisfaction.

“I’m a nerdy girl. But I can also kick your ass, and that feels really good!” Sarah says. Becoming part of the FitWit family has given her more than health, confidence, “It’s given me a brand. I’m a strong girl! #Crushingit.”