Goal-Setting Tips

Why set goals?  Excerpted from Dave Ramsey

Goals Are A Compass
People who don’t make goals usually don’t get anywhere, because they don’t know where they are going.

Makes You Unique
A Harvard study found that the 3% of students who write down goals for their life accomplish more than the 97% who do not. Which group would you rather be in?

Keeps You Focused
Just like in hockey, the person who keeps an eye on their goal wins.

Goals on paper stare you in the face until you do them. Without goals on paper, all you have is something you maybe kinda said you’d do a few weeks ago, er, something.

When you excel in one area of life (which goals help you to do), that excellence spills over to other areas. You can actually lose weight because you have the discipline to stick to a budget. Imagine that!

Be The Leader
Throw a rock out the window. You’ll hit someone who only made a promise to exercise and lose weight, and it didn’t last a month. With a goal, you can stand out from that group and encourage others to do the same.

Suggestions to help reach your goals

  1. If weight loss/body comp is your goal, it MUST start with nutrition.  Your diet accounts for up to 80% of what you look like. Think about that!
  1. Gotta show up!  Life is busy and random, and fitness will oftentimes get cut if not a priority.  Better planning/scheduling and reorganized priorities creates better attendance.
  1. Gotta push yourself – Focus on hard work from warm-up through stretch.  You should know what hard work looks like and feels like.  While it’s not realistic that you’ll produce your best performances every single time we work out, it is important that you give your best effort for every single workout.
  1. Do it right!  Our trainers should be holding you to good form, but what do you do when they turn their backs?  AND, how do you react when they do correct your form?  Do you listen to them or just try to get it done as fast as possible?
  1. Know your scores – beat your scores.  We post workouts the night before, including a link to your previous performances.  You also have access to the FitWit workout tracker at fitwit.com.  Use it!
  1. Write it down.  Define success and put a deadline on it.  Again, use the fitwit.com calendar to link it as a goal.  Cross it off when you complete it!
  1. Have fun and reward yourself.  Setting and reaching goals should make life more enjoyable, not less.
  1. Find a new goal, play a new sport, add a new skill.  If you’re losing motivation by running the same old 5Ks every year, do something new.  Atlanta offers a ton of ways to be active from Frisbee leagues, rowing competitions, muddy buddies, rec sport teams, etc.  Or simply set a goal for some new skills – 30 double-unders in a row, 20 meter handstand walk, butterfly stroke, 300 yard golf drive.