Hollow Rockin’ to a Marathon PR

Hi FitWit Nation!

I’m 3 months in and still loving it! I’m getting stronger and reach for heavier weights and getting more reps in each workout.  As I mentioned in my last post, I had a marathon on my schedule. Well I survived! I took a 26.2 mile tour of Little Rock, Arkansas. Even better I bested my last marathon time by more than 22 minutes! It was both good and bad but I can say that without all the FitWit workouts and encouragement from y’all, I probably would not have been able to improve as much as I did on this race. I’ve been telling people that all of the core (hollow rocks, bicycles and more) and upper body work (posterior gains series, TRX rows and more) helped me use my entire body to get through after mile 16. Why Mile 16? Well, I had leg cramps starting then and it took about a mile or so to get them under control.  Here’s what I didn’t do, I didn’t stop. Not stopping was reinforced in every workout where I felt like I was pushed to the limit. So while I didn’t hit my planned goal, I am still proud of what I was able to accomplish and for not stopping (plus they gave me a giant medal at the end)! The weekend included a 5K the day before the Marathon with an alpaca cheering us on. I stopped for a quick chat and a picture too.

So now that you’re all updated on the marathon, let’s talk about my gym nemesis–the jump rope. Well, due to some plantar fasciitis (foot pain), I have not been able to start my battle against the rope. I’m on the mend and will be back attacking the jump rope in the weeks to come! I won’t give up although I suspect it may be harder than the marathon (I’ve been walking and running all my life…this whole jump rope thing, hand and leg coordination with an added obstacle of a rope…).  While recovering from both my foot and the marathon, every trainer has been great about modifying the workout. By modify, I mean help me get closer to a stronger core! I really want to complain (and I might during) but then I remember how much I relied on my core to get me through my marathon and I suck it up (and try not to laugh too much).

The first quarter of the year is complete and now I’m ready for a stronger 2nd quarter! March has been a super busy and slightly chaotic month for me, but I will be back in the gym more working harder than ever in April and the months beyond. While, I’ll miss Casey, I’m excited to see the new challenges to come from Stacy and Lisa!!!

I said 2017 is the year of being uncomfortable and I’m embracing it.  Well, thanks FitWit trainers for continuously showing my Instagram followers that we get stronger #onecrunchatatime (@tjtellsit).  I’m looking forward to continuing a great year of getting stronger, faster, and making new friends!

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