I Saw the Sign – Jasmine’s FitWit Story

Jasmine Alyce


[30 years old, Joined FitWit in April 2015]

Sometimes in life, you get a sign, like a Mother Theresa-shaped silhouette in your corn chip.

And sometimes in life, you get a sign. Literally. This one was stuck in the grass on Flora Ave near Binder. It said, “FitWit.” 30-year old Jasmine Alyce passed the FitWit sign at least once a day. A former ballet dancer who’d trained from 3-years old to 20, Jasmine had always been fit. But in the decade since she’d decided not to pursue a professional career in dancing, Jasmine had struggled to maintain a rigorous fitness routine.

On the way to work, on the way back from work. To the grocery store, on the way back from the grocery store. The sign became a SIGN.

So, in 2015, Jasmine signed up for a free class. She remembers going in, feeling awkward at first. Was she doing it right? Would she hurt herself? Look silly? But once the class broke into smaller groups of 4 or 5, she found everybody to be helpful and welcoming. By the end of the class, any vestige of self-consciousness was gone. She signed up for a 6-month membership that day.

In the two plus years that Jasmine has been at FitWit, whether attending morning classes evening, she has been consistently blown away by the perceptiveness and proactiveness of the trainers. “It reminds me, in a way, of the attention I got when I was dancing. Even the smallest adjustment in position can make all the difference. Being able to have that eye in a room full of people is a true talent.”

She may not have found Mother Theresa in a corn chip, but Jasmine is quite pleased to have found the rigorous, yet precise, training she was looking for, the accountability she was craving, and—an added bonus—friendship (both inside and outside the gym). She never did figure out who lives in the house with the sign, but if you know who they are, tell them Jasmine says, “Thanks!”