June Member of the Month Eric K. (Kirkwood)

Our Kirkwood June Member of the Month is Eric K.! He has been with FitWit for almost 2 years and has been a constant motivator in class. Eric is fun, dependable, and is always seen helping and motivating the people around him, always ready to give a high five to his fellow peers! Learn about some of his awesome travel destinations and how he’s been rocking his fitness game, by reading on below!

Hometown: San Jose, California

Age: 48

Occupation: Finance Analyst

When did you first start FitWiting? September 2017

Tell us about your sports & fitness background: I would work-out by myself with little results. I thought I would try something different and found FitWit.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting FitWit? I can run further distance now also my breathing is a lot better, and I feel much stronger.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like FitWit that was totally unexpected? When friends and family ask, “Are you losing weight”? I have really seen a change in my overall health.

Favorite workouts? Running, KB Rows, KB Press, and the ERG. I really enjoy the majority of the workouts.

Least favorite workouts? Burpees but I’m getting better at it.

Three words to describe you: Fun, Encouraging and Dependable

Any favorite FitWit moments? When I first completed a long run without walking, I was so excited!!

Fitness Goals? To continue improving my overall health

Words to live by? Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Something cool we don’t know about you? I love to travel. I’ve been to China, South Africa, Australia, France and Belgium just to name a few.

Anything else you’d care to share? Thank you, FitWit coaches, for everything you do!!