KB Skillz – Monday, February 20 (O4W)


Posterior Gains:
Deadlifts –
3 sets of 8 reps (increase weight next set if you successfully make it to 8 reps) choose either one.



1. 2 x hang from bar with shoulders packed in hollow body position – (max hold OR 30 sec – shorter of the 2)

2. 2 x Flexed Arm Hang Over Bar (hollow body position and control descent – this way you get a negative in there) (max hold)

3. Full ROM pullups (unassisted, with band, or jungle gym; break into multiple sets as needed to get prescribed reps) (R-20, W-15, B-10)

KB Skillz: 3x 5 min stations w/ a shakeup lap b/t each (R-building lap, W-stop sign run, B-2 parking lot laps)

KB drag, swing, & carry: 3 Drags, 3 Swing, and farmers carry for 2 touches. Repeat – Start in a hike position. Lean the KB toward you and pull your shoulders back and down to engage the lats. Drag the KB toward you like a slow motion hike between your legs with the KB staying on the ground. 3 drags and then 3 stop/start KB swing (each swing starts on the ground), carry, and repeat. This should be a very heavy bell that should be hard to drag.

run shake up lap after 5 mins
Rest 2-3 Mins

Partner swings
– Partner up. I go, you go.
Partner 1 – 5 single swings (start/stop)
Partner 2 goes
Partner 1 – 10 continuous swings
Partner 2 goes

Shake up lap
Rest 2-3 min

4 Mins – Tabata – :20/:10 8 rnds = 4 mins

Swings & Hollow hold (Switch every round)

Shake up lap if time

Cool down:

Legs up the wall 2 min/leg

Pigeon :90 each leg