KB Swings + Ladder – Monday, March 6 (O4W)



Posterior Gains:
Deadlifts –
5 sets of 4 reps (increase weight next set if you successfully make it to 4 reps) choose either one.



1. 2 min max pull-ups (unassisted, with band, or jungle gym). This will be a test of our pull-up progress over our 8+ weeks, so we want to test them fresh to see if they can get a PR.

2. 2 x Flexed Arm Hang Over Bar (hollow body position and control descent – this way you get a negative in there) (max hold)

3. 2 x hang from bar with shoulders packed in hollow body position – (max hold OR 30 sec – shorter of the 2)

Ladder starting off at 3 and working up to 17 by odd numbers. Start each round with 20 KB swings. (20 min)

20 KB swings
Then ladder:

– KB Row (per side)
– Leg lifts
– PVC/Black bar OH squats (or 1-2 KB OH for advanced)
– Double unders X3 (9, 15, 21, 27….)
Core (5 min):
This is to reinforce our bracing technique, and how all of these movements should feel that same.
Time hollow holds (:10 hold/:20 rest X5)
Repeat with plank