FitWit Kids

We’re currently only running outdoor and Zoom classes at our Decatur location.


Using a combination of games, workouts, team-builders and skill practice, FitWit Kids helps children:

·        gain confidence

·        build strength and conditioning

·        make better food choices

·        improve focus

·        learn to work well with others



Class Schedule:

Little FitWits (Ages 5 – 7): Currently running online ZOOM classes T/Th at 3 pm

Big FitWits (Ages 8-12): Outside parking lot class Mon – Thurs.

FitWit Teens (Ages 13 – 17):  Currently running online Zoom Classes on T/Th at 4 pm, but this same age group is also in person for our Youth Athletic Development program if interested in a more structured strength program.

Class Structure:

Group warm-up including skill development (jump rope, balance, agility) [8-10 min]

Workout [10-12 min]: Varies every session and is scale-able for different fitness levels.

Game [10-15 min]: Games incorporate the skills we’ve developed in the warm-up and exercises we’re working to improve.

Cool down with reflection [5-10 min]


1x/week membership (choose either Tuesdays or Thursdays; M/W is sold out):

SIGN-UP LINK: Tuesdays ($79/month with a 2-month min)

SIGN-UP LINK: Thursdays  ($79/month with a 2-month min)

SIGN UP LINK: Both Tuesdays and Thursdays ($149/month with a 2-month min)

Use coupon code “siblings” to save 10% by signing up siblings.


Isn’t it hot outside? Yes, yes it is. But, we’ve got a good set-up with an awning that provides great shade all across the front of the gym. We also take frequent water breaks.

What if it rains? We’ll keep dry under the awning. If we have a bad thunderstorm that makes it dangerous, we’ll cancel and email you a Zoom link to hold the class virtually.

What if times or days don’t work for me? Will you be expanding the schedule? We are very open to adding new times and days if there’s enough interest. And because most schools are virtual, we’re considering a late morning or mid-day set of classes to act as a recess or PE class for virtual learning. If you’re interested (or better yet, have a group interested), please email [email protected]


I can honestly say that FitWit Kids is the only thing that D. has wanted to continually attend. We’ve done sports and other extra-curriculars, but he’s really found a place at FitWit AND he’s learning so much. THANKS!

Mark, dad of an 11 year-old FitWitter