Classes to develop general fitness abilities and instill a lifelong love of movement in your child. (ages 5-17)

FitKids classes are each 50-55 minutes. Each class consists of: 

  • New movement skills (crawl, swing, roll, jump, etc)
  • Creative games
  • Obstacles courses (may include ninja warped wall, rings, giant cargo net, monkey bars, etc)
  • Relay races
  • Age appropriate exercises

Our kids not only learn to love movement and fitness, but they also gain confidence, improve focus, learn to work well with others and become stronger in the process. Much of what you may see in FitKids classes might look like “play” but it’s actually how long-term athletic development works for kids under 12 years old. [NOTE: If you’re looking for a more regimented fitness and strength program, the Youth Athletic Development program will be a better fit for ages 12+.] 

We have classes for four age groups:

  • FitKids – 5-6 year olds
  • FitKids – 7-9 year olds
  • FitKids – 10-12 year olds
  • FitTeens – 13+

Class Schedule

3:15 PMFitKids (5-6)FitKids (7-9) FitKids (5-6)FitKids (7-9)9 am – FitKids (catch-all age group, 8-12)
4:15 PMFitKids (7-9) FitKids (10-12) FitKids (7-9)FitKids (10-12)
5:15 PMFitTeensFitTeens
*If you are registering for the 2x/week 7-9 age group, programming works best if you do not choose back-to-back days. Please select M/W or T/TH.


Our class offerings are divided into Fall, Spring and Summer Sessions. 

Upcoming Spring 2023 Session:

January 9, 2023 – May 19, 2023

Spring Break, April 3 – 9, No classes


    1x/week program (18 classes for 18 weeks): $399

    2x/week program (36 classes for 18 weeks): $699

NOTE: Seeing your kids for 18 weeks is the best way to see results with consistency. That said, we understand this is a commitment so we now offer a free trial class to make sure it will be a good fit. Email to sign up.


Members in our adult fitness classes receive a 10% discount on kids memberships. Use coupon code “member” at checkout.

Siblings also receive a 10% discount. Use coupon code “sibling” at checkout for both kids. 

AND, when you become a FitKids Member, you’ll receive a 10% discount on birthday party and future Parents’ Night Out events. 


Email to get on the waiting list for Spring 2023.

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Kettlebell swings have been a staple exercise during this semester. The ballistic nature of the kettlebell provides unique training variability for youth athletes to work on both speed- strength and strength-speed.

During Phase 3, we implemented this variation of the kettlebell swing called the Kettlebell Spike. The goal here is to overload the posterior chain through the eccentric portion of the exercise. With having the partner spike the kettlebell downward this extra momentum (speed) forces the athlete to absorb the force quickly into the glute and hamstrings. From there athletes can optimize the stretch-shortening cycle to allow for an explosive hip extension. Training this physical capacity has profound transferability to jumping, sprinting, and deceleration.

Complete this exercise 3-5 sets for 5-8 reps.

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Our Mini Thanksgiving Ninja Camp was an absolute blast! 💥 Our Ninjas passed their strength, balance, agility, and speed skills and we had so much fun in the process! We hope all of our FitKids have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we'll see everyone next week. 🦃

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Check out our new FitKid of the Month, Ezri! She brings great energy and spunk to our 10-12 yo FitKids classes, always smiling, cheering and having fun banter with her coach. 😜 On top of that she's also consistent, works to improve, and someone we can count on to be a good team player.

So if you see her around make sure to give her a high five! Congrats Ezri! 👏

For our YAD program, sled movements are a consistent tool to help our athletes develop strength and power. The sled provides several advantageous benefits to from both a motor learning and performance standpoint including:

1️⃣ Low learning curve
2️⃣ Less emphasis on eccentric contraction
3️⃣ Incorporates movement in space
4️⃣ Low impact and joint friendly

The Lateral sled drags are an effective exercise to help youth athletes develop strength and power in the frontal (latreal) plane. As shown, this exercise places emphasis on the athlete applying force horizontally into the ground consistently in order to move the sled from one side to the other. This helps the athlete develop single leg strength laterally, hip internal and external dynamic loading, abductor and adductor strength, and core anti-rotation strength and control.

What other benefits do you see from this exercise?

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A strong foundation of athletic movement is necessary for every phase of training. Advanced and intense drills have their place within a program’s progression. However, the fundamentals of athletic movement should always be revisited for athletes to ensure proper motor learning as well as appropriate progression. ...

It's a balancing act as the FitKids teams work to make it across the swamp! The catch is they can only use the blocks under their feet to make it across. 🐊

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Birddogs are a popular and excellent exercise to improve anti-rotational core stabilization and spinal alignment. Additional benefits include rotary stabilization, hip alignment, postural control, and shoulder stabilization. Although its benefits are vast, a drawback to this exercise is it can become relatively easy and effortless over time. For youth athletes specifically, once this exercise is mastered with their own body weight, dynamic movements or load can be implemented to increase overall work demand.

Here we have one of our youth athletes, Henry Widener, performing two different progressions for the birddog exercises.
1️⃣ Bench Birddog Isometric Row
2️⃣ Bench Birdog Row

The additional weight forces the trunk and posterior chain to increase its involvement, to control trunk rotational and maintain postural alignment.

Simple progressions for basic movement.

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What's more fun than an obstacle course? We love watching our FitKids move in a variety of different ways and work on fundamental movement skills like balancing, bounding, and throwing and nothing beats an obstacle course to help accomplish that goal. 🎃

Station 1: lateral bounds
Station 2: balance beams + 🐻 crawl balance
Station 3: run --> bosu jump for distance
Station 4: 3 hoop toss

FitKids had 5 minutes to run through our obstacle course to see how many ring tosses they could get ⭕.

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Our Head YAD Coach, Coach Sam, enjoys instructing and teaching proper jump mechanics for strength and performance. Coach Sam gives real time instruction on our Phase I progression of this semester’s Single Leg Broad Jumps. In this particular exercise, Coach Sam is cueing our high school athletes to single leg broad jump off one leg and land simultaneously with two legs. The focus is to generate as much horizontal force as possible on one leg then decelerate on both legs, causing a shared force between both limbs.

With this initial progression YAD athletes completed 2 sets for 5 repetitions each leg.

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This semester one of our power-based exercises for our YAD program will include the Kettlebell Snatch. A precursor to this movement that will later help with proper execution of the Snatch can be doing a KB High Pull. A key point of execution of the lift is to ensure the kettlebell becomes parallel to the floor. Here our athletes are cued to go explosively stand stall and drive the elbow up and back.

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Sometimes you just gotta stop and enjoy the little things… like bouncing a bean bag off a trampoline 😊😂🤪
Not only was this a fun little break between class skills, notice how each FitWit Kid catches their bean bag at least one time single-handed! Impressive coordination mixed with some fun.

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Clap it up for our FitKid of the Month, Liam!! 🤾He brings his A-game and best foot forward in every class. Putting in the effort, shining a positive personality, and leading by example are just a couple of the reasons why we're spending this month to shout him out. If you see Liam around make sure to give him a high 5! 🙌💯

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A FitKids Favorite: Ga..Ga.. Ball!! 🤪 We make our octagon-like pit with mats and get to jumping, dodging and striking our rubber ball to tag below our competitors knees. The game finishes when there is only one person left within the pit that has not been tagged 🏆🤾‍♂️

It's a blast to play, easy to learn, and a great game to work on hand eye coordination while keeping our Fitkids moving!

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