Classes to develop general fitness abilities and instill a lifelong love of movement in your child. (ages 5-17)

FitKids classes are each 50-55 minutes. Each class consists of: 

  • New movement skills (crawl, swing, roll, jump, etc)
  • Creative games
  • Obstacles courses (may include ninja warped wall, rings, giant cargo net, monkey bars, etc)
  • Relay races
  • Age appropriate exercises

Our kids not only learn to love movement and fitness, but they also gain confidence, improve focus, learn to work well with others and become stronger in the process. Much of what you may see in FitKids classes might look like “play” but it’s actually how long-term athletic development works for kids under 12 years old. [NOTE: If you’re looking for a more regimented fitness and strength program, the Youth Athletic Development program will be a better fit for ages 12+.] 

We have classes for four age groups:

  • FitKids – 5-6 year olds
  • FitKids – 7-9 year olds
  • FitKids – 10-12 year olds
  • FitTeens – 13+

NOTE: All non-vaccinated kids will wear masks during the classes. 

Class Schedule

3:15 PMFitKids (5-6)FitKids (7-9) FitKids (5-6)FitKids (7-9)9 am – FitKids (catch-all age group, 8-12)
4:15 PMFitKids (7-9) (sold out)FitKids (10-12) FitKids (7-9)(sold out)FitKids (10-12)
5:15 PMFitTeensFitTeens
*If you are registering for the 2x/week 7-9 age group, programming works best if you do not choose back-to-back days. On the form below, please select M/W or T/H, etc.

Next Session – Spring 2022: January 10, 2022 – May 21, 2022

Our class offerings are divided into Fall, Spring and Summer Sessions. 

  • Jan 10: 1st day of classes!
  • Feb 14-18: Winter Break; We’ll run a condensed schedule this week. 
  • April 4-9: Spring Break (No classes) 
  • May 21: Final day of classes for spring sessions. 

Follow us on Instagram to see the class in action! @fitwityouth

Payment Options 

Participation in our FitKids program requires a membership, either monthly or upfront for a semester. The monthly membership requires a two-month minimum commitment, and upfront payments at the start of the semester save 10%. Kids can enroll at any time during the semester provided there is space in the class.

Upfront payment at start of the semester (saves 10%): Monthly Membership (can start anytime)
1x/week program (18 classes for 18 weeks): $340
2x/week program (36 classes for 18 weeks): $645
1x/week ($84/month)
2x/week ($159/month) 


  • Members in our adult fitness classes receive a 10% discount on kids memberships. Use coupon code “fwmember” at checkout.
  • Siblings also receive a 10% discount. Use coupon code “sibling” at checkout for both kids. 
  • AND, when you become a FitKids Member, you’ll receive a 10% discount on birthday party and future Parents’ Night Out events. 

Let’s Get Started!

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