Kirk Workouts for The Week of 4/16-4/21

Monday:  4/16

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

Lower Body 2 Moves – 3x Hip C.A.R.s and 5x Pistol Lift Offs Each Side

5 Minute :20/:10 Partner “I Go, You Go”

– 2KB Strict Press R:(45+/30+) W:(30+/25+) B:(20+/15+)

  • 5 RNDS Each (Alternate Each :20)
  • Stress pace and bracing during weighted Strict Press

2 Min Transition/Rest:

6 Minute: 4×5

– 2KB Deadlift  R:(70+/40+) W:(45+/30+) B:(25+/20+)

2 Min Transition/Rest:

Followed by 15 Minutes of “GO”


1st Min:  10x Goblet Squats R:(60+/45+) W:(45+/35+) B:(40+/30+)

2nd Min: 10x (Total 5/Side) KB Bent Rows R:(60+/45+) W:(45+/35+) B:(40+/30+)

3rd Min:  10x Swings R:(60+/45+) W:(45+/35+) B:(40+/30+)

R: 12x = 60 of Each W: 10x = 50 of Each B: 6x = 30 of Each



Tuesday: 4/17

“The House of Pain A.K.A Jump Around ” 30 Minute Time Cap

For Time: (R – 5 Rnds) (W – 4 Rnds) (B – 3 Rnds) (P – 3 Rnds)

40 Double Unders (RED)

W – Count Attempts or 200 Singles

B – 120 Singles

P – 100 Singles

40 Squats (B – 30 Squats) (P– 20 Squats)

20 Burpees (B – 15 Newbie Burpees) (P – 10)


Early Finishers

Pull Up Progression: or 3 Sets Max Reps

  • Deadhang/ Attempt
  • Assisted(Band,Partner,TRX)
  • Negative


Wednesday: 4/18

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

Upper Body 2 Moves

  • 3x Kneeling Shoulder CARS (Each Side)
  • 3x Prone Shoulder Lift Offs

HIIT 4×5 Min Partner Stations

5 min stations with :30 Sec work windows flowing from the first move in the station to the second continuously running clock. 1st White Mailbox Run at the end of each Station. :90 sec rest transition Between stations.

Station 1: 5 Rounds Swings & Hip Bridge Holds

  • P1: 30 Sec KB Swing R:(60+/53+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Hip Bridge Hold R: Hip Bridge March

Station 2: 5 Rounds KB Lateral Lunge & Wall Sit

  • P1: 30 Sec KB Goblet Lateral Lunge R:(40+/35+)W:(30+/25+)B:(20+/15+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Wall Sit

Station 3: 5 Rounds Goblet Push Press & Med Ball Overhead Hold

  • P1: 30 Sec Goblet Push Press R:(60+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Med Ball Overhead Hold R:(20/15)W:(15/12)B:(12/10)

Station 4: 5 Rounds Flutter Kicks & Plank Drag Through

  • P1: 30 Sec Flutter Kicks
  • P2: 30 Sec Plank Drag Through


Thursday:  4/19

Sprint Conditioning Assessments: – Campers Choice – Pick one, you test the other the following week.

  • Spend 1-2 Minutes letting members Bike or Row at easy pace to get warm on Machine. This could be a pick drill on ERG or lite pedal on bike.


  • 10 Minute Max for Entire Class: Rest when done until on done or until your turn.
  • 1 Minute Airbike Max Cals (Set Timer. Record Cal Scores. This will Floor Folks)
  • 2 Minute ERG Max Meters (Set Timer. Record Meter Scores)

Finish With “Ten Cent Pistol ”: 15-20 Min AMRAP

  • 8x Dips
  • 6x Pistol Squats (Each Leg) – Progression on Red Boxes (Lateral Step Ups)
  • 4x Mixed Carry: SC(50+/70+) OH(30+/40+)


Friday: 4/20

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

3x Thoracic Spine CARS 3x Hip Extension Lift Offs

3 x 10 Min. Partner Stations, :90 rest between stations

STATION 1:  Partner E2MOM Bike Sprints (Need all 4 bikes)

  • Switch with partner every minute:  Partner 1 goes on minute 1, Partner 2 goes on minute 2, Partner 1 goes on min. 3, Partner 2 goes on min. 4, etc. (each partner gets total of 5 rounds on the bike)
  • R:15/12 Cals, W:12/10 Cals, B:10/8 Cals
  • Resting Partner:  Push-Ups R: 12, W: 10, B: TRX Chest Press 8

STATION 2:  Partner E2MOM Erg Sprints (Need 4 ergs)

  • Switch with partner every minute (again, each partner gets total of 4 times on the erg)
  • R: 300/250m, W: 250/225m, B: 225/200m??  **need to test these meter goals**
  • Resting Partner:  Pull-Ups – 3 dead hang or 6 TRX pull-ups

STATION 3:  Partner E2MOM Running Sprints

  • Switch with partner every minute (each partner does total of 5 sprints)
  • R:  Stop sign to 2nd white mailbox and back, W/B: Stop sign to 1st while mailbox and back
  • Resting Partner:  REST


STATION 1:  15 min. 3-Man Bike EMOM

  • P1: bike for cals  R:20/15 W:15/12 B: 12/10.  Rest remainder of minute

            P2: push-ups: Rx15 Wx12 Bx10 TRX Chest Press.  Rest remainder of minute

            P3: REST

  • Rotate towards bike every minute on the minute x 15 min.  Each partner will go 5x on the bike.

STATION 2:  16 min. 2-man ERG E2MOM

  • MIN 1:  P1 rows 1:30.  P2: pull-ups – 3 x dead hang or 6 x TRX.  :30 sec to transition after P1 is done rowing.
  • MIN 3:  P2 rows 1:30, P1:  pull-ups
  • Continue to switch every 2 min.  Each partner gets 4 turns on the erg.


Saturday 4/21

A Lotta Tabata

20:10 clock, repeat each exercise x6 (3 min) 45 sec rest between

Mountain Jacks (R/W: with band)

Alt Lunges (switch legs every :20) (B: stepback lunge)

Downdog Toe Touch to push up

Sumo Squat Jumps (B: Sumo Squats)

Sit outs

Superman with Lat Raise

Single-Leg Glute Bridge Raise (switch legs every :20) (B: Glute Bridge Raises)

Split Jacks (on toes/flat foot)