Kirk Workouts for The Week of 5/21-5/26

Monday:  5/21

Stations: Ropes & Running 3×4 min RNDS

– Resting :90 – 2 mins btwn RNDS

– Half the group on Ropes and Exercise

– Half the group Running 600M loop resting until 4 mins is up

– Non Runners (Injury): 4 Minute Air Bike :30/:30 Sprint/Easy

– Newbies (Have not ran in a long time): 1 RND Run to end of street on Next RND Bike 4 Minute Air Bike :30/:30 Sprint/Easy Final RND pick btwn run or bike.


Rope Station: Partner up 4 mins continuously running clock switching every :20/:10×4 (2 Min total at each)

* Rnd 1: Alt Waves & MB OH Step Back Lunge

* Rnd 2: In & Out Waves & Sprinter Jumps

* Rnd 3: Side to Side Waves & Kneeling Med Ball Halos


Incase of Rain: 

Death By Burpees: Maybe 14 Minutes

Minute 1 Everyone Starts @ 4 Burpees Rest with remainder of the minute

Next Minute add + 1 Burpee Until Failure


Finish With 15 Min Partner Ladder: I Go You Go – Pick Your Poison – 10-2

  • Newbies Start at 6-2

– Pull Ups (Partner Pull Up Holding Legs or TRX Pull Ups)

– KB Goblet Step Downs (Stay on One Leg before switching)

– Dips

– Lemon Squeezes


10x Pull Ups 10x Steps Downs (Total 5/ Side) 10x Dips 10x Lemon Squeeze

8x Pull Ups 8x Steps Downs (Total 4/ Side)  8x Dips 8x Lemon Squeeze

6x Pull Ups 6x Steps Downs (Total 3/ Side) 6x Dips 6x Lemon Squeeze

4x Pull Ups 4x Steps Downs (Total 2/ Side)  4x Dips 4x Lemon Squeeze

2x Pull Ups 2x Steps Downs (Total 1/ Side) 2x Dips 2x Lemon Squeeze


Tuesday: 5/22

Camper Named: “The Encourager” Aka W.W.C.D: What Would Connie Do?  Aka The Connie M.

3×8 Minute Partner EMOMS: Assessed Count Total Number of Jump Ropes for all 3 EMOM’s

  • “I Go, You Go” With a partner Complete your minute finish your Minute with Max Jump rope EMOM 1&3. Max KB Swings EMOM 2  with remainder of your rounds time.
  • Goal here Partner up for EMOM. During your Partner turn you spend that minute encouraging your partner. Were looking for lots of High Fives and Good Times.
  • Rest :90 Secs Between each
  • 4 Rounds Per Partner. Per EMOM.

EMOM 1: 2KB Squat + Jump Rope –  R: 10 Reps = 40 Reps  W: 8 Reps = 32 Reps  B: 6 Reps = 24 Reps

  • R:(Double Unders), W:(Count Double Under Attempts), B:(Singles)  
  • R:(45+/30+), W:(30+/25+), B:(25+/15+)

EMOM 2: Push Ups +  KB Swings –  R: 15/12 Reps = 60/48 Reps  W: 12 Reps = 48 Reps  B: 8 Reps = 24 Reps

  • R:(All Toe), W:(½ Toe ½ TRX Chest Press), B:(TRX Chest Press)  
  • KB Swing Weights: R:(60+/53+), W:(53+/40+), B:(35+/30+)

EMOM 3: 2KB Push Press + Jump Rope R: 10 Reps = 40 Reps  W: 8 Reps = 32 Reps  B: 6 Reps = 24 Reps

  • R:(Double Unders), W:(Count Double Under Attempts), B:(Singles)
  • KB Push Press Weights: R:(40+/30+), W:(30+/25+), B:(20+/15+)

Cash Out:  4 Minute Plank Challenge

  • Encourage entire gym to cheer for each other until the last person drops!  


Wednesday: 5/23

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

Upper Body 2 Moves

  • 3x Kneeling Shoulder CARS (Each Side)
  • 3x Prone Shoulder Lift Offs



Each station will last 6 min with a 1 min rest after each station. The station will be split into 3 min of strength, 2 min of cardio, and 1 min of core, switching from each exercise with no rest between. The goal is to be able to get 3 rounds in of the strength exercise each 3 min piece.

  1. 10x KB Straight Leg Deadlift  / rest repeat-> Jump Rope -> Hollow Hold
  2. 10x 1 KB Goblet Stepback Lunge/Each Side / rest repeat ->  Bear Crawl in Place / Bear Crawl in Circle -> Side Plank Hold Right
  3. 10x 1 KB Row/Each Side / rest repeat -> Med Ball Toe Taps / Med Ball MTN Climbers -> Superman Hold
  4. 10x 1 KB Push Press /Each Side / rest repeat -> 1st White Mailbox Run -> Side Plank Hold Left


Thursday:  5/24

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

Lower Body 2 Moves – 3x Hip C.A.R.s and 5x Pistol Lift Offs Each Side


30 Minute AMRAP every 5 min Campers run to 2nd White Mailbox

– 8x (Total 4 / Side) Kneeling Single Arm Press R:(53+/40+) W:(40+/30+) B:(30+/20+)

– 10x (Total 5 / Side) 1-KB Renegade Row off Parallettes  R:(53+/35+)W:(40+/25+) B:KB Bent Row (40+/30+)

– 12x  (Total 6/Side ) Single Leg Deadlift  R:(45+/40+) W:(35+/30+) B:(20+/15+)

Two Groups: Switch Moves After 15 Minutes  

Group 1: First 15 Minutes

4x Touches (Down/Back, Down/Back) Sled Push

Group 2: First 15 Minutes

4x Touches (ES) 2KB Racked Carry: (40+/30+)

  • Down/Back Switch sides

– Repeat

B: Newbies DO 4 RNDS ONLY



Friday: 5/25

Running: 2 Mile Assessed Run Re-Test 4/13

Route: Start at Stop Sign on Clifford Right onto Park Place,  Right on Leland Terrace, Right on Wisteria, Right on Rocky Ford, Right on College, 1 Mile Mark isat Stop Sign on Clifford (Give Split). 2 mile ends as they cross over Clifford.

When finished, catch your breath and then Core Amrap and/or Pull Up Progression for next 10 min or so until the whole group returns:



  • 10x Hollow Crunch
  • 16x (Total 8/Side) Bird Dogs
  • 16x (Total 8/Side)  Moving Dead Bugs


Group 7 Minute 7 Way Hips: Tabata Clock :20/:10

– Leg Lift

– Front Kick

– Back Kick

– Front & Back Kick

– Forward Circles

– Backwards Circles  

– Bicycle Kick

  • Switch Sides

Cool Down: Partner Hamstring PNF


Saturday 5/26

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

3x Thoracic Spine CARS 3x Hip Extension Lift Offs