Kirk Workouts for The Week of 7/2-7/7

Monday:  7/2

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

Upper Body 2 Moves

  • 3x Kneeling Shoulder CARS (Each Side)
  • 3x Prone Shoulder Lift Offs


2x 14 Minute Stations:

Station 1: Power Couplets 14 Minute AMRAP

– Goal to recruit more muscle fibers by pairing a strength move with a power move.

– AMRAP the two Couplets together as many times as possible in 14 minutes

Couplet 1

  • 8x 2KB Heavy Suitcase Deadlift: R:(70+/50+)W:(45+/40+)B:(35+/30+)
  • 2x Broad Jump to Cone Set Up

Couplet 2

  • 8x 2KB Front Squat R:(53+/40+) W:(40+/30+) B:(30+/20+)
  • 5x Box Jumps B: Power Step Ups (Each Leg)  


2 Minutes Rest / Changing of Groups


Station 2: Pure Work 14 Minute AMRAP

  • Goal 14 minutes of pure good old fashion work.
  • 40m Sled Pull Down / Push Back
  • Sandbag Carry Down to 1st White Mailbox (Over one shoulder or in front)
  • Air Bike Calories: R:15/12, W:12/10, B:10/8


Tuesday: 7/3

The Betsy Ross: 25 Min of Work

You and a partner. One person is always jump roping, the other exercising. Keep a running tally of singles or doubles b/c every 50 doubles or 150 singles = 1 pt.

Station 1: 15x KB High pull + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

Station 2: 12x (Total 6/Side) KB Goblet Stepback Lunge + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

Station 3: 25X KB Swings + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

R:(53+/45+) W:(40+/35+) B:(30+/25+)

For every station completed, earn 1 pt. After all three stations, pull from the cup.

Start back working your way through the three stations…keep track of # of stations and total jump rope.

Then, gather together for a fun 4th of July Quiz. The trainer will ask a question and each team gets a sheet of paper to write down answers. One member must always be in a type of plank: high/side/regular.

Then, swap papers and grade during stretch. Team with the most points (jump rope + stations + # answers correct) wins.


Wednesday: 7/4



Thursday:  7/5

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

Lower Body 2 Moves – 3x Hip C.A.R.s and 5x Pistol Lift Offs Each Side


Team Fan Bike Relay: 20 Minute Max Cal Bike

– Team of 4-6 Switch every :30 Secs Scored Team with most Cals at finish gets high score

Station 1: Bike

Station 2: Plank

Station 3: 10x Squats R:12x B:8x

Station 4: 10x Push Ups R:12x B:8x (TRX Chest Press)

Station 5: Rest (If more than 20 People Hollow Hold)


8 Minute Core Finisher:

4 Mins Rolling Planks – :15 Sec Elbow Plank, :15 Sec Side Plank, :15 Sec Elbow Plank, :15 Sec Side Plank

3 Mins Curl Up / Heel Touches :30/:30 Rolling Clock

1 Min Hollow Crunch


Friday: 7/6  


2 Minute Max Unbroken Jump Rope Challenge: Test out June challenge success.  Doubles or Singles (Record Number)

Track Workout (25 minutes) Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

  1.    Assessed Timed 1,000m run (Big Loop)
  2.    2x 600m (Small Loop)
  3.    3-4 x 200m Hill Runs (First White Mailbox Up) 80%-90%


Group 7 Minute 7 Way Hips: Tabata Clock :20/:10

– Leg Lift

– Front Kick

– Back Kick

– Front & Back Kick

– Forward Circles

– Backwards Circles  

– Bicycle Kick

  • Switch Sides


Saturday 7/7

Mobility Series: 5-6 Minutes

3x Thoracic Spine CARS 3x Hip Extension Lift Offs


“Double Trouble” Pyramid HIIT

Rd 1- 40:20 Rd 2-30:15 Rd 3- 20:10 Rd 4- 30:15 Rd 5- 40:20, 1 min-90 sec rest between rounds

1- Stepback Lunge + Squat

2-Push Up + Shoulder Taps

3-Hip Bridge + MB Tricep extension

4-MB Thruster + Slamball

5- Ab Rocker to Leg Lifts

6-Barrier Jump Burpees (B: Newbie Burpee)