Kirk Workouts for The Week of 8/13-8/18

Monday:  8/13

Life by Sprints:

– Starting at 4 touches adding 1 touch each min.

– If you miss that round, than you are finished.

– Your final score will be the last round you completed successfully.

– Earlier finishers take a clifford jog.

Non Runners – :15 All Out / :45 Easy on Air Bike Until Everyone is done.


Mobility Series: 5 Minutes Recovery From “Life By”

Lower Body 2 Moves – 3x Hip C.A.R.s and 5x Pistol Lift Offs Each Side


15-18 Min Bodyweight Amrap

12x (Total 6/Side) Plank Shoulder Taps (:5 Count on Each)

10x TRX Tri Press

8x Push Ups  

6x Pull Ups (TRX Pull Ups)


Tuesday: 8/14

Stations: Heavy Bells & Complexes: 2×15 min stations

Station 1:  Heavy Kettlebell 5×5’s – Partner “I Go You Go” 15 Mins to get through all the lifts.

  • 5×5 2KB Squat R:(53+/45+)W:(40+/35+)B:(25+/20+)
  • 5×5 2KB Suitcase Deadlift  R:(60+/53+)W:(45+/40+)B:(35+/30+)
  • 5×5 2KB Push Press R:(53+/35+) W:(35+/25+) B:(20+/15+)

1-2 Minute Rest Transition:

Station 2: KB Complex 5 x 3 MInute RNDS = 15 Minutes

:30 Swing

:30 Right Arm Cleans (Dead Stop / Swing Clean)

:30 Left Arm Cleans (Dead Stop / Swing Clean)

:30 Left Leg 1 KB Racked Stepback Lunge

:30 Right Leg 1 KB Racked Stepback Lunge

:30 Rest


Wednesday: 8/15  

Mobility Series: 5 Minutes

Upper Body 2 Moves

  • 3x Kneeling Shoulder CARS (Each Side)
  • 3x Prone Shoulder Lift Offs


3×9 minute Circuits 45:15 clock. Complete each circuit 3 times. 90 sec rest between circuits.

Circuit 1:

Sumo Inchworm Shoulder Taps

Alternating KB Clean and Press: R:(40+/30+),W:(30+/25+),B:(20+/15+)

Squat Jumps B: Squats

Circuit 2:

Down Dog Toe Touch to Plank w/ crossing toe touches (B: Plank leg lifts)

KB Swings  R:(60+/53+),W:(45+/40+),B:(30+/25+)

Superman Hold

Circuit 3:

Mountain Climbers to Push up (4 Climbers:1 Push up)

KB Squat High Pull: R:(53+/45+),W:(40+/30+),B:(30+/20+)

Hollow Hold


Thursday:  8/16

Ready Player 1: 25 Min Teams of 4 most meters wins

Player 1: Runner 300M (2nd White Mailbox) B:(1st White Mailbox)

  • Non Runners: Bike for 1 Minute at 400+ Watts

Player 2: Wall Sit

Player 3: ERG

Player 4: 1 KB Racked March: w/2 sec pause at the top (Switch Sides Every :30 Secs) R: (50+/40+), W:(40/30+), B:(30/20+)

  • Switch when runner returns from 300m run (White Mailbox)
  • Rotate in order of the board. 2KB March goes to Run.
  • Set Monitor up for 25 Minutes for more accurate Meter Count  
  • Jump Rope here in case of rain.  The erg set the pace switching every 250m.


Group 7 Minute 7 Way Hips: Tabata Clock :20/:10

– Leg Lift

– Front Kick

– Back Kick

– Front & Back Kick

– Forward Circles

– Backwards Circles  

– Bicycle Kick

  • Switch Sides


Friday: 8/17

Coffee/Beer Social after Class:

Pequeno Pero Fuerte [Small But Strong] AKA The Alex K.

8 Minute Time Cap

3 Rounds of 12 KB Thrusters, 12 Burpees. = 36 Reps Each

W:(30+/25+) R:(35+/30+) B:(20+/15+)

B: 8x Thrusters, 8x Burpees = 24 Reps Each

2 Minutes off to Re- Group

Group 5 Minute Core:

3 Min Rolling Plank :15 Plank :15 Right Side :15 Plank :15 Left Side * Repeat

:30 Hollow Hold / :30 Superman Hold

:30 Hollow Crunch / :30 Alternating Supermans

6 Min Partner Assisted Hamstring Curls:  Switch every :30 Seconds 3 RNDS Each

Coffee/Beer Social after Class: 




Saturday 8/18


5×5 minute Circuits 45:15 clock, 1-2 minute rest between

Circuit 1&2:

Tricep Curls


Banded Squat Flys

Banded monster walks (2 R, 2 L)

T- Push Ups


Circuit 3&4

TRX Front Squats

Bear Crawl to Crab Circle (B: Bear Crawl Circle)

MB Press Outs

Mt Climbers the Hard Way

Superman Hold


Circuit 5: Cardio Blast

TRX Sprinters


Mt Jacks

Lateral Toe Taps

Squat Jacks