The Kirk Workouts for The Week of 10/9-10/14

Monday:  10/9

Newbie Day 1:


Stations: Ropes & Running 3×4 min RNDS

–  Resting :90 – 2 mins btwn RNDS

– Half the group on Ropes and Exercise

– Half the group Running 600M loop resting until 4 mins is up

* Rope station: Partner up 4 mins continuously running clock switching every :20/:10×4 (2 Min total at each)

* Rnd 1: Alt Waves & MB OH Step Back Lunge

* Rnd 2: In & Out Waves & Med Ball Sit Up Double Press

* Rnd 3: Side to Side Waves & Kneeling Med Ball Halos


In case of Rain:

Team Circuits – 4 people to a group. 6 rounds. Rotating like the Wheel * Rest 1 Min Btwn rnds

:40/:20 x 4 exercises  = 4 Mins


Round 1

Med Ball Toe Taps

TRX Pistol Squats

KB Seated Goblet Press R:(45+/30+)W:(35+/25+)B:(25+/15+)



Round 2

KB Goblet Step Back Lunge – Rights R:(53+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(30+/20+)

TRX Tri Press

TGU Half Get Ups – Right R:(30+/25+)W:(25+/20+)B:(20+/15+)

Hollow Hold


Round 3

Med Ball Toe Taps

TRX Pistol Squats

KB Seated Goblet Press R:(45+/30+)W:(35+/25+)B:(25+/15+)



Round 4

KB Goblet Step Back Lunge – Left R:(53+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(30+/20+)

TRX Tri Press

TGU Half Get Ups – Left R:(30+/25+)W:(25+/20+)B:(20+/15+)

Hollow Hold


Round 5

High Knees

TRX Front Squat

Push Up

KB Swing R:(60+/50+)W:(50+/45+)B:(35+/25+)

RND 1&3 are the same RND 2&4 are the same RND 5 is a power RND you repeat RND 5.


Tuesday: 10/10

Newbie Day 2 :

“No I In TEAM” Format:

No I in Team:  3 person teams.  Only 2 working down the board of exercises at a time. Switch whenever. Move on to the next exercise once you finish all the reps. Once you have finished all you move to Rowing finisher. Once all the teams are on the ERG part we will start a 5 min clock and go till time is up.

  • 150 Wall Balls = 50 Each  R:(20/15)W:(15/12)B:(12/10)
  • 75 Pull Ups = 25 Each R: Pull Ups, W: TRX or Band B: TRX Row
  • 75 Pushups = 25 Each R:All Toe, W:½ Toe ½ Knee, B:Knee
  • 75 KB Swings = 25 Each  R:(60+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • 75 Yellow Bar Dips = 25 Each R:Feet Up, W:Feet Down Back, B:Feet Down in Front
  • 75 Burpees = 25 Each B: Newbie Burpee

Rowing Finisher:

  • Plank , Jumping Rope , Rower: Finisher
  • Rower Sets The Pace : Switch every 250m


Wednesday: 10/11

HIIT 4×5 Min Partner Stations

5 min stations with :30 Sec work windows flowing from the first move in the station to the second continuously running clock. :90 sec rest transition Between stations.

Station 1: 5 Rounds Swings & Hip Bridge Holds

  • P1: 30 Sec KB Swing R:(60+/53+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Hip Bridge Hold R: Hip Bridge March  

Station 2: 5 Rounds KB Stepback Lunge & Squats

  • P1: 30 Sec KB Goblet Stepback Lunge R:(60+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Squats

Station 3: 5 Rounds Goblet Push Press & Med Ball Overhead Hold

  • P1: 30 Sec Goblet Push Press R:(60+/45+)W:(45+/35+)B:(35+/25+)
  • P2: 30 Sec Med Ball Overhead Hold R:(20/15)W:(15/12)B:(12/10)

Station 4: 5 Rounds Flutter Kicks & Plank

  • P1: 30 Sec Flutter Kicks
  • P2: 30 Sec Planks


Thursday:  10/12

5 Minute Mobility: Week 1-4: Stability/Mobility – Coach Talks Through Movement

Lower Body – 3 on each side Hip C.A.R.S


New Strength: Next 12 Weeks 12 Minute EMOM  – WEEK 4

Partner 1 Goes on 1st Minute

Partner 2 Goes on 2nd Minute

Rest While Partner is Going

5x-8x Reps  2KB Squat


Finish with: 16 Min Tabata Mash Up – 4 RNDS of :20/:10×2 = 1 Min of work before you switch  

– Hollow Hold R:Hollow Rock

– 2KB Push Press: R:(45+/35+)W:(35+/25+)B:(20+/15+)

– KB Bent Row [Alt Sides Every other RND] R:(60+/40+)W:(40+/ 30+)B:(30+/20+)

– High Knees



Friday: 10/13

20 Minute AMRAP

– 6x Pull Up

– 8x (Total 4/Side) Single Leg Deadlift R:(40+/30+),W:(30+/25+),B:(20+/15+)

– 10x KB Single Arm High Pull (Total 5/Side) R:(35+/25+),W:(25+/20+),B:(20+/15+)

– 12x Band Tricep Extension


RND 1 Ends in: 10 Cals on Bike

RND 2 Ends in: Sled Push Down & Pull Back

RND 3 Ends in: 2KB Farmer Carry R:(70+/50+)W:(50+/45+)B:(40+/35+)

Repeat: Back to RND 1 Bike Cals


Hangman: 10-12 Minute Team Game (All Halloween Movie Themed in honor of Halloween Social Night)

First Wrong Letter: 1x Burpees Head

Second Wrong Letter: 2x Burpees Torso

Third Wrong Letter: 3x Burpees Arm

Fourth Wrong Letter: 4x Burpees Arm

Fifth Wrong Letter: 5x Burpees Leg

Sixth Wrong Letter: 6x Burpees Leg



Saturday 10/14

Partner Ladders I go…You Go

After completing each ladder both partners run a parking lot loop.

Goblet Squats, 1-10

Run Parking Lot Loop

MB Lunges, 2-20 (Counting by 2)

Run Parking Lot Loop

Burpees 1-10 (B-Newbie Burpees)

Run Parking Lot Loop

MB Overhead Jacks, 2-20(Counting by 2)

Run Parking Lot Loop

TRX Chest Press, 1-10

Run Parking Lot Loop

MB Sit up with Press, 1-10 (B- MB Toe Touches)

Run Parking Lot Loop

Early Finishers Run 400 M