The Kirk Workouts for the Week of 7/3-7/8

Monday:  7/3

The Betsy Ross: 25 Min of Work

You and a partner. One person is always jump roping, the other exercising. Keep a running tally of singles or doubles b/c every 50 doubles or 150 singles = 1 pt.

Station 1: 15x KB High pull + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

Station 2: 20x KB Goblet Squats + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

Station 3: 25X KB Swings + Jump Roper = 1 pt.

For every station completed, earn 1 pt. After all three stations, pull from the cup.

Start back working your way through the three stations…keep track of # of stations and total jump rope.

Then, gather together for a fun 4th of July Quiz.

Then, swap papers and grade during stretch. Team with the most points (jump rope + stations + # answers correct) wins.


Tuesday: 7/4



Wednesday: 7/5

HIIT: Strength, Cardio, & Core

Each station will last 6 min with a 1 min rest after each station. The station will be split into 3 min of strength, 2 min of cardio, and 1 min of core, switching from each exercise with no rest between. The goal is to be able to get 3 rounds in of the strength exercise each 3 min piece.

  1. 20x KB Swings / rest repeat-> Jump Rope -> Hollow Hold
  2. 10x Waiter Squats/Each Side / rest repeat -> Bear crawl / Crab Walk -> Side Plank Hold Right
  3. 10x KB Row/Each Side / rest repeat -> Med Ball Toe Taps / Med Ball MTN Climbers -> Superman Hold
  4. 10x 2KB Push Press / rest repeat -> White Mailbox Run -> Side Plank Hold Left


Thursday: 7/6

New Strength: 12 Min

For the next 12 weeks will start with 12 min of  x Reps for one of our main strength lifts. Campers will pick one of the lifts. For example if they chose to Lowerbody on Tuesday than they will Upperbody on Thursday. Campers will pick their KBs and approach the next 12 minutes working on completing the designated reps. Sets to begin every 2 minutes. Will ensure at least 90 seconds rest. Record your weight and track progress.


Lower Body:

– 4 sets of (5 reps/leg Split Squat on Bench (KBs by side in each hand) followed immediately by 10x Reps KB Goblet Squats) (OR Blue Level 5 sets of 8 reps 2 KB Squat)

Upper Body:

– 4 sets of (5 reps/arm Kneeling Single Arm Press, followed immediately by 10 Reps 2KB Push Press)


Choose 1 Stability/Mobility focus piece for each set of exercises.

Focus on improving our 1-leg balance throughout the next 12 weeks.


Lower Body: – Activation/Stability: 10x reps each – Banded Standing Hydrant + Standing straight leg abduction, Mobility: Kneeling Ankle Mobility

Upper Body: – 3 x Prone Swimmers, 8 x Prone PVC Shoulder Dislocates


Followed By:

3 x 5 min Partner Stations – 2 moves switching with the partner every :30 Seconds 1 Minute Rest BTWN Stations. Shake Up Run to 2nd White Mail box BTWN Stations.

Banded Rotations/Anti Rotation

  • Blue or Black Resistance Band

Wall Sit/Slam Ball

  • Hold a Med Ball out front or on Lap of Wall Sit

Push Ups/Pull Ups-TRX Rows

  • Push Ups: R: Toe, W: ½ ½ Toe & Knee, B: TRX Chest Press
  • R: Pull Ups, W/B: TRX Rows


Friday: 7/7

The LOOP: 3 Rounds

Run 100 Meters: in between each exercise (Parking Lot loop – out front doors, left to corner of College and Clifton, down the the street, back into the parking lot through the back entrance and up to the the garage door)

  • 18x 1 ARM KB Thrusters (9/arm)  R:(40+/30+)W:(30+/20+)B:(20+/15+)
  • 18x Burpees
  • 18x Dips
  • 18x  Overhead Medball lunges (9/leg) R:(20+/15+)W:(15+/10+)B:(12+/10+)

Blue: 12x Reps

Purple: 10x Reps off the clock


Early Finishers: Hip Glutes

  • 8x (Each Side) Side Leg Raises
  • 8x (Each Side ) Leg/Hip Circles
  • 8x Glute Bridge Raises


Saturday: 7/8

Disappearing ACT Circuit  

The first exercise will last :30, and will be followed by :30 rest. Each round you will add one exercise, but the rest will stay the same. After we get to all 7 exercises the next round #1 will disappear, and so on until 7 is the last one

1- Push Ups, 2- MTN Climbers, 3- Squats, 4- Speed Skater, 5- Burpees

6- Plank, 7- Swings