The Kirk Workouts for The Week of 8/14-8/19

Monday:  8/14

1 Mile Assessed Run Big Loop: Reverse Loop

  • Start at The Light Post near FitWit Parking Lot entrance near Clifford in Front of GYM
  • Down College
  • Left  on Rockyford
  • Left on Wisteria
  • Left on Leland
  • Left on Park
  • Left on College
  • Finish at The Light Post near Sisson on the entrance in FitWit Parking Lot


Non Runners: 2K Row or Air Mill Bike Test: 1 Min Workout Protocol


“Ten Cent Pistol ”: 15-20 Min AMRAP

  • 10x Moving Dead Bugs (Total 5/Side)
  • 8x Dips
  • 6x Pistol Squats (Each Leg) – Progression on Bench or 10x TRX Pistol (Each Leg)  
  • 4x Touches Overhead + Suitcase Carry: OH(40+/30+) SC(50+/70+)


Cool Down: Partner Hamstring PNF


Tuesday: 8/15

New Strength: 12 Min WEEK 8

For the next 12 weeks will start with 12 min of  x Reps for one of our main strength lifts. Campers will pick one of the lifts. For example if they chose to Lowerbody on Tuesday than they will Upperbody on Thursday. Campers will pick their KBs and approach the next 12 minutes working on completing the designated reps. Sets to begin every 2 minutes. Will ensure at least 90 seconds rest. Record your weight and track progress.

Lower Body:

– 4 sets of (5 reps/leg Split Squat on Bench (KBs by side in each hand) followed immediately by 10x Reps KB Goblet Squats) (OR Blue Level 5 sets of 8 reps 2 KB Squat)

Upper Body:

– 4 sets of (5 reps/arm Kneeling Single Arm Press, followed immediately by 10 Reps 2KB Push Press)


Choose 1 Stability/Mobility focus piece for each set of exercises.

Focus on improving our 1-leg balance throughout the next 12 weeks.


Lower Body: – Activation/Stability: 10x reps each – Banded Standing Hydrant + Standing straight leg abduction, Mobility: Kneeling Ankle Mobility

Upper Body: – 3 x Prone Swimmers, 8 x Prone PVC Shoulder Dislocates


Followed by 18 Minutes:

“The :30 for :30”

Groups of 6 working through 6 Stations on  :30 Work / :30 Rest-Transition 3 RNDS = 18 Minutes of Non-Stop Work

Station 1: Air Bike

Station 2: Plank

Station 3: Double Unders (Singles)

Station 4: Hollow Hold

Station 5: KB Swings

Station 6: Pull Ups (TRX Rows)



Wednesday: 8/16

Tabata 20:10×8= 4 min rounds, alternate exercises every 20 secs. Rest 1 minute between rounds.

  1. Walking Plank/Push ups
  2. Squat Jacks/Step back lunges
  3. Sprints (back parking lot)
  4. Bear Crawl/Crab Walk
  5. Halo Medball Slams/Squat Walks



Thursday:  8/17

Assessed B: “Minute to Win It” = 18 Minute Workout   Re-Test: 7/11/17 – 15 Mins Work / 3 Minutes Rest

Three Rounds of: 1 Min Each Counting Reps  1 Min Rest BTWN RNDS

  • KB High Pulls R(60+/45+) W(45+/35+)B(30+/25+)
  • Wall ball R(20/15),W(15/12),B(12/10)
  • Med-ball Sit Up R (20/15), W(15/12),B(12/10) Low Back Option Med Ball / Non-M.B. Toe Touches
  • 2KB Push Press R(35+/25+),W(30+/20+),B(20+/15+)
  • Rowing (Count Calories)


Friday: 8/18

Down The Ladder: “How far can you get”

  • Heavy 2KB Deadlifts 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
  • KB Bent Row 10, 8, 6 ,4 ,2 (Each Side)
  • Pull Ups 10, 8, 6 ,4 ,2 (TRX Pull Ups)
  • Rowing 500M, 400M, 300M, 200M, 100M
  • Air Mill Fan Bike Cals  50, 40, 30, 20, 10

For Example:

– 10 Heavy 2KB Deadlifts, 10x KB Row (Each Side),10x Pull Ups, 500m Row, 50 Air Mill Fan Bike Cals

– 8 Heavy 2KB Deadlifts , 8x KB Row (Each Side), 8x Pull Ups, 400m Row, 40 Air Mill Fan Bike Cals

– 6 Heavy 2KB Deadlifts, 6x KB Row (Each Side), 6x Pull Ups, 300m Row, 30 Air Mill Fan Bike Cals

– 4 Heavy 2KB Deadlifts, 4x KB Row (Each Side), 4x Pull Ups200m Row, 20 Air Mill Fan Bike Cals

– 2 Heavy 2KB Deadlifts, 2x KB Row (Each Side),  2x Pull Ups, 100m Row, 10 Air Mill Fan Bike Cals


Blue: Start on round of 30 & 3:1 single/Doubles


Early Finishers:

7 way Hips: Goal is to complete all reps of each movement without resting then switch legs.

  • Feet should be about 12 inches apart on all moves.

Right Side –

10x Lateral leg Raises

10x Front Kick/swing

10x back Swings

10x full front and back swings

10x counterclockwise circles

10x clockwise circles

10x bicycle motion

Repeat on Left Side



Saturday: 8/19

The Wheels:

Groups of 4 45:15 4min each round, 1-2 min rest between rounds

Rd 1 and 2:

TRX Reverse Plank


Side Lunge

Jump rope


Rd 3 and 4:

TRX Overhead Squat

Heel touches

Medball Lunge w/ Overhead MB press



Rd 5 & 6:

TRX Hamstring curl w/ abductors

Mountain Jacks

Superman Hold

Tricep Pushups