The Kirk Workouts for The Week of 8/28-9/2

Monday:  8/28

Running: Re-Test 2 Mile Assessed Run

Route: Start on other side of Sisson on Dish Dive Side of Street, Right onto Park Place,  Right on Leland Terrace, Right on Wisteria, Right on Rocky Ford, Right on College, 1 Mile Mark is in front of gym at the third tree (Give Split). 2 mile ends as they cross over Clifford.

Newbies may only do the one mile if it’s a 11 min.+ mile.

When finished, catch your breath and then Core Amrap and/or Pull Up Progression for next 10 min or so until the whole group returns:

Pull Up Progression: 6-8 Reps or 3 Sets of Max Reps

Vets fo 3×12 Reps Pull Ups, This can be assisted.

  • Deadhang/Attempt
  • Assisted (Band,TRX, Partner)
  • Negative (Working on 5 Sec Negative)


  • 10x Lemon Squeeze / Ab Rockers
  • 12x (Total 6/Side)  Plank Shoulder Taps (2 Breath Pause at Top)
  • 14x Supermans
  • 16x (Total 8/Side)  Moving Dead Bugs

Cool Down: Partner Hamstring PNF




Tuesday: 8/29

Team Conditioning Stations:  2×10 Minute Stations


“Cool Runnings”: Teams of 4-5 Continuous sled sprints of the next 10 minutes.

– Split group in Half in front of BLDG

– 20m Sprint Sled Push Down – Get in back of line on opposite side.

– The next person up Sprint Pushes the Sled back 20m.

– We will continue in this fashion for 12 minutes trying to see how many touches your team can get.


“Tour de FitWit:” 10 Minute Max Cal Bike

Team of 4-5 Switch every :30 Secs Scored Team with most Cals at finish gets high score

  • Bike – Rest – Plank – 10x Push Ups


8 Minute Core Finisher:

4 Mins Rolling Planks – :15 Sec Elbow Plank, :15 Sec Side Plank, :15 Sec Elbow Plank, :15 Sec Side Plank

3 Mins Bird Dog  / Dead Bug :30/:30 Rolling Clock

1 Min Sit Ups



Wednesday: 8/30

HIIT Circuit:

Round 1 40/20

– Med Ball Squat Hold to Step Back Lunge (Hold Bottom of Squat w/ Med Ball in Goblet Position and perform Step back Lunges)

(Blue Versions 1x Squat + 1x Lunge on Each Leg standing btwn each.)

– Hollow Hold

– KB Goblet Push Press

– Superman Hold

– KB Goblet Squat

Plank Sandbag Drag  Go Slow 3-4 Seconds Per Drag.

– Burpees   

Round 2 – same 7 exercises 30/15

Round 3 – same 7 exercises 20/10

Round 4 – 30/15

Round 5 – 40/20


Thursday: 8/31

New Strength: 12 Min WEEK 10

For the next 12 weeks will start with 12 min of  x Reps for one of our main strength lifts. Campers will pick one of the lifts. For example if they chose to Lowerbody on Tuesday than they will Upperbody on Thursday. Campers will pick their KBs and approach the next 12 minutes working on completing the designated reps. Sets to begin every 2 minutes. Will ensure at least 90 seconds rest. Record your weight and track progress.

Lower Body:

– 4 sets of (5 reps/leg Split Squat on Bench (KBs by side in each hand) followed immediately by 10x Reps KB Goblet Squats) (OR Blue Level 5 sets of 8 reps 2 KB Squat)

Upper Body:

– 4 sets of (5 reps/arm Kneeling Single Arm Press, followed immediately by 10 Reps 2KB Push Press)

Choose 1 Stability/Mobility focus piece for each set of exercises.

Focus on improving our 1-leg balance throughout the next 12 weeks.

Lower Body: – Activation/Stability: 10x reps each – Banded Standing Hydrant + Standing straight leg abduction, Mobility: Kneeling Ankle Mobility

Upper Body: – 3 x Prone Swimmers, 8 x Prone PVC Shoulder Dislocates

Followed by 18 Minutes:

Ropes:  4 Person Team Ropes Circuit – 4×4 min RNDS * Resting :60 btwn RNDS

– 1 Member of the group on Each Exercise for full 4 Mins with a Tabata Clock – :20/:10 x 8 = 4 Min

– You will only complete each exercise once .

  1. Big Rope Slams 1st & 3rd Min, Alt Waves for 2nd and 4th Min (Full 4 Mins :20/:10)
  2. Med Ball Halos [Switch Legs Each :20]  /  Med Ball Toe Taps (Switch Moves Each Minute)
  3. Band Curls / Band Front & Side Raises (Switch Moves Each Minute)
  4. KB Goblet Push Press  R:(45+/35+) W:(35+/25+) B:(25+/15+)



Friday: 9/1

“Time After Time” (26 Mins)

4×5 Min EMOMs: Count Total Number of Jump Ropes for all 4 EMOM’s

  • Rest :90 Secs Between each

EMOM 1: 10 Dips + Jump Rope

EMOM 2: 10 TRX Low Rows + Jump Rope

EMOM 3: 10 KB Swings + Jump Rope

EMOM 4: 10 Push Ups + Jump Rope

Red: 10 Reps, Feet Up Dips, Toe Push Ups, 60+/45+,  Double Unders

White: 8 Reps, Feet down in back Dips,  ½ Toe ½ Knee Push Ups, 50+/40+, Single or Count DU attempts

Blue: 6 Reps, Feet in Front Dips, Knee Push Ups, 40+/30+, Singles


Saturday: 9/2

5 x 5 min Stations  (1 min rest between sets)

Parking Lot Loop run buy-in followed by AMRAP until time called:


Station 1:  12 KB Swing, 8 MB Thrusters

Station 2:  8 Medball Situp and Press/ 8 Medball Pushup R: 2 Hands on Medball W: one hand and alternate, B: knee push ups

Station 3: 8 KB Goblet squat, 8 KB High Pull

Station 4:  8 KB Rows (Per arm), 8 Mt. Climbers the hard way (Per Leg)

Station 5: 8 Burpees, 8 Lunges (Per Leg)