Kirkwood Member of the Month: Jonathan L.

Meet Jonathan L., our new member of the month! He has a heart of gold, and a determination to keep getting better every day that’s quite unbeatable. If you happen to wake up before the sun, you might catch him at the 5 am class. He sometimes even arrives 15-20 minutes early to work on his pull-ups (since our March challenge) and to help coaches Liz and Sandybell get some heavy sleds out to the back parking lot. Congrats Jonathan! Read on to learn more about this awesome guy,  Jonathan!

I’ve lived in Decatur longer than anywhere else.
When did you first start FitWiting?
January 8, 2018.

Tell us about your sports & fitness background: 

I was voted “Most Likely To Be Picked Last At Kickball” and “Most Likely To Be Outrun By A

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting FitWit? 

I’ve seen improvements in nearly every aspect of my life. I need less sleep. My endurance, strength, and flexibility have improved. The creaky, sore, uncooperative parts of my body have been replaced with buttery-smooth© (Copyright Josh 2018), pain-free, compliant parts. I also credit FitWit for improved vision, long luxurious hair, the ability to communicate while gasping, straight teeth, and learning how to walk on legos in the dark without screaming.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like FitWit that were unexpected?

My kid has started getting after the FitWit Kids Program, which is incredibly inspiring and making him even more awesome.

Why do you FitWit?

I started doing it to shock myself into a new habit that I could continue on my own but then realized that the super-smart people who design the workouts and gently correct my bad form know so much more than I’ll ever know. All I have to do is keep showing up and trying harder.

Favorite workouts?

Runs, bikes, and burpees because I know that they do the most good.

Least favorite workouts?

Also, runs, bikes, and burpees because “Good.”

Three words to describe you:

According to those who tolerate me most, “Really Darn Stubborn.” Also in the running was
“Stubborn, Stubborn, Stubborn,” and “You stubborn sonuva….”

Any favorite FitWit moments?

The first two-mile run in my 40s during which I did not die. I was as surprised as anyone.

Fitness Goals?

More days and don’t break anything.

Words to live by?

Love is the doing of things.

Something cool we don’t know about you?

I was a child actor in commercials for Nutella, Gorton’s Fish, and General Mills’ cereal. I pray
that nobody ever finds them and puts them on the interwebs.

Anything else you’d care to share?

So, the hat…. I wear the same hat every day and I understand that it looks silly. I wear it for three reasons. First, the fewer excuses I have, the better. Bad hair? No excuse. Glasses falling off? No excuse. Those hamstring curls where you bang your head into the wall? No excuse. Second, it keeps me from sweating all over your nice clean gym. Third and most importantly, when I started FitWit, my buddy’s son was going through chemo and a bunch of us did silly things to be like him and keep him laughing. Luckily, none of us lost any important body parts and all of our hair grew back, but I kept the hat – along with a memory of how hard people work to recover from cancer. The hat makes me remember that cancer patients get up earlier and work harder than I do. If you’ve ever helped somebody with cancer, thank you. If you’d like me to tell you how you can help, hit me up.