KirkWood Member of the Month: Rhett

Resident funny man, Rhett, can finally check off “FitWit Member of the Month” from his bucket list. He takes home the honor for May, and he delivered the goods with a world record for number of words in a member profile. He not only works his butt off in the workouts, but he dominates the floor scrubber in his spare time. Please take an hour out of your day to read his hilarious profile, and slap him a high five when you see him for keeping our floors clean. Congrats Rhett!


Hometown:  Snellville, GA

Age: 40

Occupation:  Sales

When did you first start FitWiting? February 2016

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:

I was a strong to quite strong athlete in my youth.  I made the JV baseball team as a 10th grader, hit .333 in three official at-bats to go along with 4 walks (.571 OBP, eat your heart out Mike Trout).  I was a first-round cut from my high school basketball team in 9th, 10th, and 12th grade.  As a 9th grader, the coach told me I was no longer a big man and should learn to dribble more than twice before I shot it.  In my defense, I had been 5’10” since 7th grade, which made me a center until 9th-grade tryouts.  I can’t help I haven’t sprouted a centimeter since (I did learn to dribble immediately following 9th grade cut day).  I was a top 5 rec league basketball player from 9th-12th grade.  As a high school senior, I fought off at least two other kids to claim the last spot on the VARSITY golf team and shot the highest score of anyone at our regional tournament (about 150 participants).  At the University of Georgia, I played intramural basketball and softball all four years. As a senior, our co-ed basketball squad won the intramural title, we had some really solid female players on that team who led us to the title.

Post-college I was less athletic but did play a lot of golf in my 20’s.  I have a few rounds in the ’70s to my credit. I have run the Peachtree Road Race every year since I was 24 and hit a PR, 56:59 for those keeping score at home, in my age 39 race last year.  #betterwithage #meandbourbon

My basketball career has tapered off, but myself and my largest 7-year-old did whip my wife and smallest 7-year-old a couple of weeks back.  Obviously, my high school rec ball skills are still in there, just a matter of letting the light shine on said skills. As for baseball, my kids really enjoy me hitting youth league baseballs on the top of our house when they pitch to me. #stillgotit

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting FitWit?

I have always been a sort of an Adonis when it comes to body shape.  This has only improved with my Fitwitting. I believe I have gained an ab (singular) since the beginning of my FitWit career and hope one day, before retirement, I have a bicep one can see without me flexing like Hulk Hogan (no relation, distant relative of somebody else) with the NWO.

Everything about my fitness is better since I started Fitwit.  First newbie day I remember thinking, “This is kiddie play, I am about to show my wife (who forced me into it, knowing I would like it) that I don’t need this”.  On my second round of the evaluation, I couldn’t do a sit up. I believe that to be a direct result of me not having a core, much less knowing how to strengthen it. I was sore for three days following my first newbie day. I am still sore about 94% of days after workouts, but I attribute that to a little more effort vs the lack of whole body fitness I had when I started.

All of my gym measurables have improved at various points.  Rowing times, squat weight, mile times, burpee times. All of these have gone backward a time or two, but I am confident if I can keep myself off the trash board the times will improve.  Funny how a few beers the night before a timed mile can feel like a boat anchor tied to my waist. I know who to blame for those poor times.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like FitWit that were totally unexpected?

My core.  I know how to use it now.  Admittedly, at the beginning Robert would say, “engage your core” and I wondered how I could do a sit-up while I was doing a kettlebell swing.  I don’t know when it clicked, but when it did…boy do I use it. My back used to hurt during workouts, doing stuff that I thought had nothing to do with my back, all the time.  Pushups..back hurt next day. Kettlebell swings…I used to have to stop in class because my back was bothering me.

Unrequested tip?  Squeeze from your chest to your butt.  That’s your core. The more you do it, the better EVERYTHING YOU DO INSIDE THE FITWIT WALLS FEELS BETTER.

Finding a core to engage has been my most unexpected discovery from Fitwit.  Well, that and the fan bike. More on that later.

Also, I now know how to use a floor scrubber.  Completely unexpected.

Why do you FitWit?

My kids are seven.  Besides watching professional athletes on TV, these two boys think I am one helluva athlete.  I am fitwitting in hopes I can impress them at least until they turn 10. Heck, maybe even 11.  I want to be ready that one day they are 14 and need a sixth player to complete a 3 on 3 game in the driveway.  I will not be a top six pick that day…lots of kids will have to be unavailable, but I want to be able to play if called on.

I Fitwit in the hopes that my guns one day look like Renell’s.  Possible, anything is. Likely, no.

Favorite workouts?  Bike, rowing, burpees, Sally pushups, headcutters, atomic pushups, bike, walking lunges, goblet lunges, sled pushing, bike, box jumps, step back lunges, goblet squats, Sally Squats, hollow crunch, and the bike

Least favorite workouts?

All of the above, especially the $#@%ing BIKE

Three words to describe you:

Adonis, Athlete, Gray

Any favorite FitWit moments?  

A former fitwitter stopped about three blocks from the end of an assessed two-mile run.  I slowed down to check on them to make sure they were ok. They gave me the thumbs up, so I turned around and aimed for the finish line.  Well, that faker tried to pass me with about 75 feet between us and the finish line. I gasped, “oh no way” and beat them by a half second to the finish line.

There was also a day recently that a trainer put my largest child on my sled.  I will never forget what the trainer said, “what, that’s like another 30 or 40 pounds, right?”  It was 75 additional pounds and it felt like I was pushing Stone Mountain across the parking lot.

Maddie’s daughter screaming for more GunsNRoses was pretty awesome, too.  It’s never too soon to start your kids on GNR.

Fitness Goals?

Be better next week than I am this week.  Be ready for that pickup game in 2026. Tie Liz’s max cals on the bike.  Break 7 minutes on my mile. Row as fast as Ben.

Words to live by?

 Only one?

“Do or do not, there is no try”, Yoda

“I drink and I know things”  Tyrian Lannister

“It’s an ‘inside’ pushup joke”  Ethan Duff

Something cool we don’t know about you?

It’s not cool, but I live and die with the University of Georgia football team.  After the failed 2018 national championship game Candace Hogan told me (at 7:30 am) to “shape up”.  My kids had asked her if daddy was ok that morning. I was not ok in any sense of the word unless ok meant “living”.

It was a tough day.  IF the University of Georgia ever wins a National Championship, don’t be alarmed if you don’t see me for a few weeks.  I earned the celebration and will set a PR with my celebration. If you see me and want to aid my celebration, I enjoy beer and bourbon.

Anything else you’d care to share?

Fitwit is my jam.  In a thousand years, I would not have thought I would be the one that loved an instructor-led workout, but Fitwit has converted me.  I eat better because Candace has done a couple of nutrition challenges, any idea how easy it is to make your own taco seasoning?? I move better because I learned mobility exercises.  I have several new friends due to the community at Fitwit. I love it all, here’s to hoping I am around until the bikes fall apart. Who am I kidding, Josh will find something even more sinister to replace them.  Long live the bikes!!