Kirkwood’s September Member of the Month: Amy H.

A big ole high five to our new member of the month, soccer mom, Amy H.! She’s a wonderful part of the FitWit Fam and is always up for a challenge whether it’s in the gym or with our nutrition challenges.  She has one day at a time shown up and done the hard work,  she cracked the code to success and what she likes to call the fountain of youth! Congrats Amy! Read on to learn more about this stellar member.

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Age:  52

Occupation:  Stay-at-home Mom to two teenagers, Volunteer at Wolves FC Foundation/DDY Soccer and Soccer Mom to fifteen more teenagers (more about that later)

First Started Fitwitting:  June 2017




 Tell us about your sports & fitness background:

Growing up, I was active in dance for approximately fifteen years, was a majorette and cheerleader in middle school, but never participated in team sports or dedicated exercise.  I dabbled in exercise over the years, but nothing ever stuck until I joined FitWit. I have been far more active in my fifties than I was in my thirties and forties.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting FitWit?

When I first joined Fitwit, and for about a year after, I focused on just showing up.  That was really hard for me. I sometimes wished for some unintended, minor mishap to occur in my life that would give me a perfect excuse to miss a session, but I kept at it.  It really helped to have the coaches emphasize taking that step to show up and not worry about all the rest of it. That message continues to resonate with me whenever I miss for legitimate reasons such as illness, vacation, etc.  I started showing up consistently and was okay with not being the fastest or strongest. I accepted that I may be limited in what I could achieve as far as times, endurance and strength, but…..THEN SOMETHING UNEXPECTED (BY ME) HAPPENED!!!!  I started to improve–I got stronger and faster! Things really started heating up in 2019. I started the year at 0 pushups and can now do 12 using one yoga block. I have added ten pounds to my two kettle-bell squats and have seen similar gains in my other assessments.  I can’t believe I am seeing these kinds of gains in my fifties–it’s like drinking from the fountain of youth.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like FitWit that were totally unexpected?

As excited as I am about the physical changes I have experienced, including my ability to use my fitness in everyday life, it is the mental benefits of working out at Fitwit that have transformed my life.  Whether I am down, stressed, anxious or running ahead of the depression that might be nipping at my heels, working out for that one hour at Fitwit ALWAYS helps, one hundred percent of the time. I have regretted several things in my life from bad perms in the eighties to a brief, unfortunate marriage in my twenties, but I have never once regretted working out.  

Why do you FitWit?

I Fitwit because I want to age well for myself and for my family.  I Fitwit for the challenge, not just the challenge of showing up, but the challenge of doing something hard and feeling like I accomplished something. I Fitwit for the compassionate and personalized coaching and for the opportunity to workout with supportive Fitwitters.  I am grateful to be a part of it.

Favorite workouts?

My favorite workouts are the ones we do in teams that combine strength, core, and conditioning. 

Least favorite workouts?

My least favorite things are hamstring walk-outs and hamstring flosses. Hamstring curls with a partner aren’t too bad, except when I forget to shave my legs in advance.

Three words to describe you:

Irreverent, Funny, Caring

Any favorite FitWit moments?

Meeting Helen Baker when we were fellow-newbies and scheduling our first real workout together and the day when a friend (who will remain unnamed), pulled into the parking lot, saw the whiteboard for the two-mile run and pulled right back out.  I have laughed about that moment so many times and can relate to it on a very deep level.

Fitness Goals?

My fitness goals include getting better at running and maybe someday achieving something akin to a pull-up.

Words to live by?

I don’t know who to attribute this to, but my friend recently met with a Communications coach as she began a new job.  He told her, “You can’t think your way out of a thought prison. You have to get up and move your body, do something physical.”  Because of my participation at Fitwit, I know this to be the absolute truth. I am an almost-constant worrier, and moving always helps.

Something cool we don’t know about you? 

We are a soccer family. Sometimes it feels like all-soccer, all-the-time.  Our kids play soccer for their clubs and their schools, and Clarke (my husband) always coached when the kids were little and remains involved as a team manager.   Several years ago, Clarke and I started to drive a youth player from Clarkston to and from his practices for our soccer club, the Decatur-Dekalb Y Soccer Club (DDYSC).  That has morphed into something unexpected and meaningful. Clarke became a founding Board Member of the Wolves FC Foundation which supports DDYSC and its mission, especially the mission to provide opportunities to play for kids and youth who might not otherwise have that chance, and I became a dispatcher, coordinator, driver and mentor to many of these kids.   In addition to working (with many others, it’s not just us!) on a systemic level to create these opportunities, Clarke and I help Team Managers coordinate rides for kids, get them registered, etc. On a very personal level, on most weeknights and weekends both of us are in our cars and on the sidelines driving and cheering on lots of teenagers from Clarkston and the surrounding areas as they practice and play.    We treasure the relationships we have formed with the kids and their families, and being a soccer mom to all of them (and to our two teenagers) is one of the greatest joys of my life.