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Hi FitWit Nation,

Everything is finally getting back on track.  August was a hard month. Sadly, at the end of July, I was in a car accident that put me on the sidelines. I was out of all of my gym and running activities for several weeks.   I was lucky and didn’t break anything or have an extended hospital stay. If you were looking for me at the gym that is why you didn’t see me.  At the time of this post, I’m finally back on track to making progress to where I was before the accident.

So you are probably wondering, what did I do while not swinging kettlebells and jumping rope? Well, it was fortuitous that the nutrition challenge was going on at that time.  I tried some new foods and tried to keep my eating clean. It was fun to try different foods and meals. Let me tell you though, it was hard to not slip back into old habits when you don’t have the visual reminder of others working hard.  I did manage to keep in the forefront of my mind that I couldn’t use the “Well I just worked out” as an excuse to eat junk food.  I had the goal of not wanting to lose the progress I made in building muscle and burning fat over the year.

Eating clean has definitely helped me when I returned to the gym. The amount of energy I had helped keep the focus on proper form rather than building endurance.  I guess when people say fitness is made in the kitchen, they are onto something! Luckily I love to cook and make recipes my own.  I’m sure my Instagram followers got tired of seeing my random plates of food.

I’m glad I had the base from doing the various FitWit workouts.  Let me tell you, when your back is out and you live with a dog (who is not a service dog…) and you drop something, that deep squat comes in handy! It was nice to go to a workout and be able to do at least one exercise with great form and no modifications!!! Once again, FitWit has helped me outside the gym.  Recognizing the greater impact made it easier to stay on track, not give up and return to the gym.  Keep moving forward even when you have roadblocks thrown in your way.

I’m going to keep always moving forward. Can’t wait to see you in the gym.  And for those of you wondering, I still have the 6 am class to try in my quest to try all the time slots. It is so early!!!


Telling it #oneswingatatime,


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