Live Fit Winner, TJ – Positive & Patient

Hi FitWit Nation,

At the time of reading this, I’m pretty much recovered from the car accident. I have been back to two to three workouts a week. I’m having to modify the workouts less and less.

I learned that the positivity of those around you during a workout can make the biggest difference to how the workout goes for you.  Every workout includes at least one person who exudes that positivity. Thanks for being a bright spot during an otherwise sweaty workout!

Here’s the other thing I learned about recovery during the month of September, be patient.  While it can be frustrating to ease back into things, it really is the best way not to have a setback.  I found that I quickly went from a totally modified workout to be able to surpass the limits even before the accident.  With the encouragement of the trainers and the support of y’all as campers, I was able to take it easy on myself.  I also was able to enjoy the progress even if it wasn’t as fast as I would want.  (Side note: I’ve been known to be a bit impatient at times…)

By the end of the month, both a positive attitude and patiently recovery led me to make progress in all of my races.  I took on Cross Country at the Wingfoot Classic and finished inside the new Mercedes Benz Stadium upright and with a smile.  Each race was faster than the one before.  My recovery can definitely be attributed to a strong core (thanks to hollow holds, lemon squeezes and more) and a strong upper body.

Wondering about the upper body and it is a foot race? Well, your arms are the key to efficient movement.  I mostly power walk my race with some run breaks.  My arms and shoulders come in handy for powering my way through.  Tip: If you are doing a race and your legs get tired but you want to move faster, try moving your arms faster.  You will them appreciate (at least a little bit) the push-ups and burpees..(I said appreciate not like the burpee).

FitWit has made my upper body stronger than ever.  I appreciate (but still complain and loudly) when burpees are included.  Sometimes it’s just one of those get her done type things.  Consider not skipping the things you don’t like because they may aid you in a way you didn’t consider. I’m going to try and remember my appreciation for my strong upper body when they call out 3 burpees to finish. What will you try to remember?


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FitWit Live Fit Winner 2017

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