Live Fit Winner, TJ – Putting the shot!

Hi FitWit Nation!

Five months in and making even more progress. Each workout shows me new and different things about myself.  Of course every time I move up in weight, increase my rep count, or do an unmodified version of an exercise, I get really excited and equally so when there is some new exercise or move I have never seen before or understand the benefit (ummm…not to name anything specific but cat crawls y’all. Who comes up with this stuff!?!?). Each new move is something else I can try to perfect and add to my bag of tricks (not saying you will catch me cat crawling for fun or anything but…). It’s fun and motivating to have new goals and new exercises to keep me from getting bored.  The trainers definitely have that one down pat!

Speaking of goals, the jump rope and I are still battling it out.  I would like to think that I am winning the battle.  In a recent workout, I was able to string together 21 singles in a row twice! Not only that, it didn’t take me the entire session to get through my jump rope portion.  It is such a simple activity that most people master as a child.  You learn the technique and endurance is your issue.  For me it’s a dual battle of technique and endurance.  I’m making progress and will show those who laughed what hard work and determination looks like.

I recently had another one of those, ah ha moments of connecting my FitWit workouts to my outside activities.  As part of the Atlanta Track Club Grand Prix series this year, one of the events is the Shot Put. When it came time to put the shot (yup that is the technical way to discuss it…I really can’t make this stuff up), I had both the upper and lower body strength to participate with less worry about the weight of the shot. In my age group, we had to use the 4 KG (8.8 LB) shot.  It was nice to know that the weight of the shot was not going to be a factor in my ability.  Now my inability to move in a coordinated fashion most of the time is another thing! The push-up challenge and the two kettle-bell shoulder presses came in really handy. I put the shot 15 feet 7 inches! (Not going to discuss the attempt that didn’t even stay in the field and almost took out an official… Nobody was harmed in the process.)

I really enjoy each new goal and each new accomplishment in and out of the gym.  I am learning to take the time to acknowledge not just what I can’t do but what I CAN do. It’s a lot of sweat and hard work but I’m trying to keep moving my world forward.

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FitWit Live Fit Winner 2017

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