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Hi FitWit Nation,

Seven plus months into my FitWit journey and it is still paying off in dividends. More specifically in medals. As I’ve mention, I run with Atlanta Track Club. Well, I recently joined the Masters track & field team. The second week in July we went to the USATF Masters Outdoor National Championships in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What does this really have to do with my FitWit journey?

Well, as you may know, track and field is not just running, but also it includes throwing and jumping events.  I participated in running event but also in discus, shot put, and javelin. The running events were sprints. All those parking lot loops and Ralph McGill runs came in handy.  In the 200 M and 400 M races, it as an all-out sprint for a quarter of a mile. It seems like a short distance, but let me tell you, it is not so short in the heat.

Luckily, before I left, the trainers had an abundance of parking lot loops in the blazing Atlanta heat. There is something to be said for knowing that no matter the heat conditions you can push through.  Unlike a FitWit workout, you won’t have burped, lifted or squatted before running flat out! Having done all of that before running in FitWit definitely made me stronger for my races and led me to a 12 second PR in the 400M.

The throwing events really put all the core and strength work to the test.  The shot put, I had done earlier in the year as part of Atlanta Track Club All Comers track meets (and Grand Prix series). It was nice to see some improvement too.  As for the discus and javelin, it was the first time I tried those events.  All the push-ups and shoulder presses came in handy. I could use the strength and power to make progress on each turn.

In the end, I came home with 7 medals—two golds, two silvers, and 3 bronze medals.  While the number of competitors was low and medals were easier to come by in my age group, you still had to earn them with legal marks and a finish. In throwing events, sometimes to get a legal mark you have to pass a certain point or stay in bounds.  Without my FitWit workouts, each event would have been harder and might not have even been possible.

If you haven’t seen me around the gym recently, it is because I was in a car accident right at the end of July. I have been on injured reserve. I’m hoping to be back in the gym next week! My recovery team tells me that the physical fitness gained in FitWit and my other activities is helping my recovery too. Hope to see you in the gym soon!

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