Luck of the Draw – Friday, March 17 (O4W)


Saint Patrick’s Day
Luck of the Draw – 3 x 8 min AMRAPs

After campers complete the buy in, they draw a card from the deck which will be in a spot they have to travel to get to (depending on how big the class will dictate the location of the cards and/or traveling exercise). The # on the card dictates how many reps of each exercise they perform. After they finish all 3 exercises they run, crawl, jump, etc. to get another card and repeat until time is up. 2 min rest/instruction between AMRAPs

8 minutes each
Buy-in: 20 1 leg burpees
Band tricep extension
Band Bi curls
Band OH press

Buy-in: 75 doubles and 250 singles
MB Situp and Press
Wall ball
MB 1 arm OH step back lunge (per side)

Buy-in: 400m run (to blue post office mailbox & back)
Broad Jumps
Mtn Jacks