March Madness – Monday, March 13 (O4W)


March Madness  – YOU CHOOSE – (18 min)

Campers choose exercises to perform at each station as they make their way through the 4 stations. After they complete 4 exercises they’ll defense slip a quarter of a lap (switch directions half way) finish the lap with a run & restart anywhere they’d like. Only rule: the 4 exercises you choose have to be different, but the next round you can choose the same ones if you’d like.

16 reps of all exercises

West Region:

KB Swings

KB Rows (8 each arm)

KB Push Press (8 each arm)

Push up to Plank


South Region:

Band side raises

Band tricep extension

Band bicep curl

Heel to Sky raises


Mid-West Region:

Wall ball

Situp and press w/med ball

Med ball pushups (9 each side)

Russian Twists


East Region:


Yellow bar rows

Yellow bar push-ups

Leg Lifts


Team Game:
Elite 8/final 4 (depending on how many teams we have)

To kick off March madness we’ll have a little tournament style “basketball” game to finish the day

2-3 rounds. 3 min each. Groups of 3-5

Each team gets a crate and a whiffle ball. One person from each team will try to make the ball into the crate from 10 feet away while the rest of the group is completing an exercise. We will be counting how many balls made in the crate, and how many reps completed in the 3 minutes. Switch who is throwing the ball as needed for rest, but everyone must throw at least once per round. The team with the most balls in the basket win, and the tie braker will be most reps completed.

1. burpees

2. MB sit & press

3. Squats/push-ups (switch every min)

After 1st round:
1st plays 4th, 2nd plays 3rd, and 5th & 6th play each other.

After 2nd round:
the winner of the 1-4 & 2-3 games will play each other for the championship.

If we only have 4 teams break it up into 3 min half’s