Member Highlight: Lea Ann S.

As trainers, we’ve been impressed with how our members have continued to find success in their fitness journeys even under the challenging circumstances of the past couple of months. We’re highlighting a number of their stories in this ongoing series.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Lea Ann S. Here’s what Trainer Sarah has to say about her.

A cheerful member of the 8:15 crew at the gym and a talented artist, Lea Ann has committed to her fitness during the quarantine–checking off her FitWit workouts in addition to working on her running. She’s taken on the Quaranteam Games Challenge to continue building good habits in other areas as well. One major beneficiary of Lea Ann’s consistency: her dog Jack. Lea Ann has incorporated a walk with Jack into her pre- and post-workout routine.  Looks like he’s enjoying this new habit!