Member Spotlight: Alex K.

As trainers, we’ve been impressed with how our members have continued to find success in their fitness journeys even under the challenging circumstances of the past couple of months. We’re going to be highlighting a number of their stories over the next few weeks.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Alex K. for her hard work and commitment. Here’s what Alex’s trainer Ginger has to say about her:

Alex K. has been at FitWit for almost as long as I have! She will celebrate eight years on Memorial Day. Back in my days of being a helper, we were workout buddies at the 7 am class. I remember working on proper pushups together on the field at Decatur High School, trying to banish that “wormy” form. 

Through the years, Alex has faced challenges with work travel, family hardship, and injury. Still, at the end of the day, she always reverts to her trusty calendar and schedules her workouts as diligently as she schedules the rest of her busy life. 

During the quarantine, Alex has committed to improving her timed mile, trying to shave off time to get back to her previous form. I appreciate her check-ins (more for her than me, she says) as she logs her completed workouts but also comments on her runs – distance, intervals, time, or just how she felt. Alex is a pro, no doubt about it, and I’m so proud of her continued commitment to herself and FitWit.