Member Spotlight: Ben P.

As trainers, we’ve been impressed with how our members have continued to find success in their fitness journeys even under the challenging circumstances of the past couple of months. We’re highlighting a number of their stories in this ongoing series.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Ben P. Here’s what Trainer Liz has to say about him.

Ben has been a fixture at 5 am for over a year. When we started remote training, he didn’t skip a beat and has continued to crush workouts on a consistent basis, steadily increasing his workout frequency over the past two months. I can now expect to see him regularly getting in five workouts a week. While that alone deserves a high five, what I’ve been even more impressed with is Ben’s constant focus on good form and proper progressions. He’s stayed in close contact with me to help make the best decisions for workout structure and modifications to challenge himself in a safe and appropriate way. Through consistency and discipline, Ben has seen steady improvement with movement and core strength (note the stellar plank and side plank form!). Ben has always been a joy to have in class, somehow managing to be talkative and outgoing even at 5am, and he’s continued to bring that positive social energy even in quarantine, showing up to almost every Zoom call, giving me lots of feedback about workouts through True Coach, chiming in on Facebook, and even offering to be the delivery service for his teammates of a farm share through his job at Emory. Really proud of all your hard work Ben, and proud to have you as a member of FitWit!