Member Spotlight: Katie H.

As trainers, we’ve been impressed with how our members have continued to find success in their fitness journeys even under the challenging circumstances of the past couple of months. We’re highlighting a number of their stories in this ongoing series.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Katie H. Here’s what Head Trainer Ethan has to say about her. 

Since Katie H. started at FitWit, she has been hard-working, focused, coachable, and driven. These traits shined when she had to undergo shoulder surgery and continued to push her while she recovered.  She never once hesitates to ask for modifications and to truly self-advocate for herself and her goals.  

Katie has not only been keeping active while working on the frontline during quarantine, but she’s also been thriving, completing the live 8 am classes almost every morning, and seeing the success of continued commitment and consistency! 

I’ll let her words tell the story: 

“Most of what we hear and see today is scary, depressing or stressful, or a combination of these. I’ll admit my days at work, now, also fall into 1-3 of these categories, though I’m honored to have the knowledge, skill, and means to safely care for patients during this crisis.  

But, in the midst of stressful workdays, I find taking a minute to work on the finer details of simple motions (like pushups) not only refreshing but also rewarding. Today, I officially made “the high five board” as my pushups have gone from 10 “yoga block” to 10 “tennis ball” with relative ease. After a nasty shoulder injury resulting in surgery, I never thought I would see this day again. But now, when I needed to see progress so badly, here it is. Even in the midst of a crisis. How cool is that?

I am so incredibly thankful to our FitWit coaches for continuing your tradition of excellence and inspiration and for embracing your adaptability and creativity to bring fitness and community into our homes every single day. We ALL need this.”